Binh Chau EE Clinic 2011

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | September 2nd, 2011

We thank God for answering our prayers to be able to hold an EE clinic in Binh Chau to train members of the congregation to learn how to share their faith with family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers.

The first Binh Chau EE Clinic took place from July 11-15th at the church in Binh Chau. Pastor Bien, who many of you met this past May when he and his wife, Mary, visited us in Tucson for a few days, taught the classes. Pastor Bien also brought some EE trainers from Saigon to assist in the training and take the teams out on OJT.

11 (8 adults and 3 youth) members of the Binh Chau church participated in the EE clinic. They were so excited about taking the clinic that every one of them had the complete EE presentation memorized before the clinic even started. God rewarded their obedience and diligence in giving them many divine appointments during the OJT visits. The Gospel was presented to 56 people during the 5 days of the clinic and 29 people prayed to receive Jesus. Cam On Chua!

The top left picture shows the graduating class with Pastor Bien and the EE trainers. The middle picture shows Pastor Bien conducting one of the EE training sessions. The top right picture shows Phoung from the Binh Chau church receiving her diploma from Pastor Bien.

We thank God for opening the door for this EE clinic to be held. Please pray that this will be the first of many. Please pray that God will give those who participated in the clinic a desire to train others so God can multiply the soul winners to reach out to all the other hamlets and villages around Binh Chau with the saving grace of the Gospel.

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