God’s Mercy For Hien

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | September 1st, 2011

Thong moved his family (wife and 4 children) to Binh Chau from central Vietnam to escape the constant flooding in that area. Their relatives in Binh Chau then led Thong and his family to the Lord about 5 months ago. Their house was full of idols when they asked Jesus into their hearts, but God revealed Himself to them as the one true, living God, and they removed all the idols from their home and destroyed them.

On July 17th their son, Hien, returned from the sea. He was in a coffee shop with some of his boat mates when a scuffle broke out with some gang members. As Hien was trying to leave the coffee shop he was struck in the back of the head with a knife. The blow cracked his skull and opened his head. Hien was taken to the hospital in Ba Ria (about 20 miles from Binh Chau). His head was sutured, but because his parents do not have any money, the hospital sent him home after 24 hours.

Elder Nhan went to visit Hien and his parents and found Hien going in and out of consciousness and in a great deal of pain. The church took up a mercy offering from the congregation ($25) and added $150 from the church mercy ministry. This was enough money to take Hien back to the hospital in Ba Ria. Upon further study, the doctors said Hien had severe swelling of his brain and that he needed to be taken to a hospital in Saigon for immediate surgery. They were told the cost of the surgery and care would be around $30 million Vietnamese ($1,500 USD).

We ask Nancy to put out a prayer request, many responded, and God quickly provided the necessary funds for Hien to be taken to Saigon. There, the doctors were assured the church would cover the cost of the surgery. The surgery was done immediately. A portion of Hien’s (top pictures left and center) skull was removed to relieve the pressure. Hien began to show immediate improvement. After one week another MRI was done and the doctors were pleased with the results. Hien is now back home in Binh Chau. He is to return to Saigon in 3 months to have the portion of his skull the doctors removed reattached with a metal plate.

Hein’s family came to the church (top right picture with Elder Nhan) to express their deep appreciation and thanks for what God had done for Hien and their family through your prayers and financial support. They are overwhelmed that people on the other side of the world, who they don’t even know, would shower them with so much love and kindness. The church was also able to give Hien’s sister a bike to ride to school. She currently has to walk a long way to school.

We thank God for showering Hien and his family with His love and mercy. We thank each of you who prayed for Hien and financially supported his surgery. We thank God that He used you as His instruments in saving Hien’s life. May God use Hien as a witness to all his family, friends, and co-workers as to His grace and power as the one true, living God. Thank you for showing the love of Christ to this precious family.

“and call upon me in the day of trouble, I will deliver you, and you will honor me.” Psalm 50:15

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