VBS 2010 Day 2

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | July 29th, 2010

We were awakened on day 2 by the noise of children playing outside the church (we are staying in the little house next to the church). As Mai was the first to rise I asked her what time it was and she replied 5:20am. Apparently, we had “slept in”. By 6am all the children were sitting down and eating a breakfast of  some type of soup. They can eat soup here for any meal.

VBS Day 2

The morning of day 2 pretty much followed the same pattern as day 1. It started with prayer and then an extended time of praise and worship. It is such a joy to see Elder Nhan and the young people from Saigon lead the children in worship. Their energy certainly matches that of the children (which seems unlimited). Their voices were full of love and joy for the Lord. Afterwards they divided into their different age groups for Bible study. Again, Elder Nhan and his group did a great job of holding the kids attention for the studies that lasted close to an hour each. The lessons today told the story of Jesus and what He had done for them on the cross.

At the Beach!

Lunch was served by the ladies of the church around noon. They are very organized and it doesn’t take them long to feed all 150 of us. After lunch most of the kids laid down on the floor of the church and took a nap as they would be up late today and up early tomorrow morning. Around 2pm we had the hunt to find “Jesus” for the little kids under the age of 5. They spent time digging in an area of the church grounds looking for a clear bag that contained a red rock and the scripture John 3:16. The first 5 kids to find “Jesus” would receive a new bike at a ceremony that evening. Those little ones were really excited.

Everyone then gathered back inside the church and was seated. After everyone was quieted down we had a time of prayer. Then Elder Nhan gave an alter call.

Dinner Time!

Then the moment ocurred that is the reason we come to Binh Chau (physically or in spirit) to serve our Lord and see God so graciously answer all of many prayers for His children in Binh Chau. First, 1 young boy stepped forward, then 2 girls, and then another group as Elder Nhan continued the call. Then more moved forward and then more. We give God ALL the praise, honor, and glory as 40 kids prayed to ask Jesus to come into their heart as their personal Lord and Savior. All we can say is Cam On Chua!!!

Around 4pm we bused the 2 older groups to a sandy field close to the ocean where they participated in a larger version of the same game to find “Jesus”. They had to first find scriptures buried in the field, memorize them, and go to another station to recite to the leader. They had to go to 5 stations. Then they were given instructions to the area the rocks where buried in. This is where we ran into a glitch. We had buried the rocks the night before, but it had then rained washing away our markers. Out of the 12 rocks hidden, only 2 were found. Mai quickly came up with a plan B, which I will explain later.

We were back at the church around 6pm and the ladies had dinner prepared and ready to serve. After dinner and everyone had taken a shower, we all gathered in the church. The new plan for the bike give away was for each kid to draw a scripture (1 for the middle age and 2 for the older ones). They had 30 minutes to memorize the scriptures. Then a drawing would be held. If your name was drawn, you would then come forward and recite your scriptures. If successful, you would win a bike. It was really a blessing to see all the kids looking up their scriptures and working hard to memorize them. Every child that was called up front knew their scripture and was awarded a bike. Plenty of excitement in the church as the names were drawn. We gave away a total of 17 bikes for the 3 age groups.

Suddenly, it was already 10pm and the kids were still full of energy. It was going to take some effort to get them all quieted down for the night. They would need any rest they could get as the buses for Saigon would leave at 4am tomorrow morning. So Cheree and I did the sensible thing, we left to go take a shower and get some sleep ourselves, leaving Mai and the others with the task of settling all the kids down. Mai returned to the house shortly after 11pm and her day was finally done. We were tired, but so thankful for all our Heavenly Father had allowed us to witness and be apart of today.

Only God knows what is in the heart of those 40 children who prayed to receive Jesus today, but we pray He will draw them to Him and give them hears to hear and a new heart to truly know of His love and mercy for them.


Dennis, Mai, and Cheree

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