God’s Mercy For Hien – Update

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | November 7th, 2011

God’s Mercy For Hien – Update
The first 2 pictures above show a Bible study Elder Tu is teaching at Hien’s parent’s house on November 1st. Hien is in the green t-shirt and you can see his hair has grown back from his surgery a few months ago. The church holds this Bible study in their home each week and Hien’s family has been very active in church.

Hien was admitted to the hospital in Ba Ria (about 40 miles from Binh Chau) 2 days after that Bible study. They brought the portion of his skull they removed a few months ago from Saigon by ambulance. The re-attachment of the skull portion went well. Hien is in intensive care (looks a little different than the intensive care units in the USA), but in stable condition. Mai went to visit Hien at the hospital on Saturday. Even though his face is quite swollen, Hien was alert and was even able to drink a glass of milk.

We thank all of you have prayed for Hien and his family and given funds to pay for the first surgery. Please continue to pray for a quick recovery from this second surgery. Also, the cost of this second surgery to the family will be between $750-800. Please pray that God will provide the family the funds to pay this expense.

Thank you all again for making such an impact for Christ in this dear family’s life.


Dennis and Mai

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