January 2024 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | February 29th, 2024


We are so blessed and filled with excitement each year as God brings non-believers to our Christmas Outreaches to hear the true meaning of Christmas. Then, we are filled with joy as our Lord touches hearts, gives understanding of the Gospel, and many come forward to ask Jesus into their heart as their Lord and Savior. We then focus our prayers asking God to give these new believers a thirst and hunger to know more about His love and draw them to Sunday Worship and/or Children’s Church. God has answered our prayers as several people (children and adults) who made a profession at last year’s Christmas Outreaches have been attending church the last 4weeks. Plus, 6 of them were recently baptized by Pastor Tu, including a family of 3. When we first went to Vietnam 20 years ago, we were surprised to find the government sponsored church would not baptize a new believer until at least 6 months after they accepted Jesus. We were told new believers needed to know God’s Word before they could be baptized. We politely disagreed and stated we believe when God gives a person understanding of the Gospel and they profess Jesus as Lord and Savior, they should be taught the purpose/reason to be baptized. When they have a clear understanding of baptism, then they should be baptized as soon as possible. Then, as they study God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will open their eyes and heart to a deeper spiritual understanding of the Scriptures. We shared this through Scripture (Matthew 28:18-20, Matthew 3: 16, Acts 8:34-38, etc), but to no avail. Even today in Vietnam, the government sponsored churches make new believers wait until they feel the person has a good understanding of the Bible.

Please pray for Hai, Lien, Nhi, Bang, Tram, and Thy (pictured above left to right above) that God will open the eyes of their heart and give them a strong desire to follow the Holy Spirit as He guides them into a deep spiritual understanding of God’s Word. Please pray God will use them as His witnesses of His love, mercy, and grace to their non-believing family/friends.


We have now received 28% of the needed funds needed towards building a 2nd orphanage/love house to be able to separate our current boys from the girls. Plus, have the needed room to take in more children.


This is the time of year we seek funding for the children to live in our orphanage for 2024. As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child” and God has put that in our heart. We ask for donations to support the orphanage overall. Therefore, you help impact every child living in our orphanage/love house for Jesus. We do have some that give monthly, but the majority of the funding needed for these children living in our orphanage comes in during this yearly request.

The total yearly cost needed is approximately $16,200 and we currently have commitments of $3,600. We need an additional $12,600 to fully support all 11 children for 2024. We ask that you please prayerfully consider donating towards helping these precious children of promise. If God puts it in your heart to give, please mail your check to JIV Ministries, P.O. Box 54, Cortaro, AZ 85652. You can also donate online through our website jesusinvietnam.com.

We are so appreciative and so humbled by your prayers and support that enables us to show and share the love of Jesus to these children every day. Take joy in knowing God is using you to make such an impact in these children’s lives for all eternity.


Our Youth Evangelism Teams continue to be faithful in their training and neighborhood visits on Sunday afternoons. Plus, inviting their classmates to come to Children’s Church. Below are 5 new kids who attended Children’s Church for the first time.

Another fruit of our Youth Evangelism program is our Children’s Church Bible study class for our little ones has doubled in size over the last few weeks. Praise the Lord!


“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you.” 11 Thessalonians 3:9


There is a fish factory in Binh Chau that supplies jobs for many local people. The vast majority of employees there are women, including one long time member (Dung) of the Binh Chau Church. Dung is also a member of our Witnessing Team that goes out once a week. This factory is owned by a couple in Binh Chau. Several years ago, Dung’s husband shared with the husband (owner) he should go to the church and hear the lady (Mai) talk about Jesus. The man did come and Mai was able to share the Gospel with him. Praise God as he did ask Jesus into his heart. However, he has never attended church all these years. Over these years, Dung has shared the Gospel on many occasions to the wife (Thai Thi Loan). The owner listened, but never prayed to receive Jesus. Dung was not discouraged and continued for years to witness to the owner how God was blessing her and her family. A short time ago, Loan was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dung again encouraged her to attend our Family Christmas Outreach to hear about Jesus. Loan did attend and came forward during our altar call to give her life to Jesus. She has been attending Sunday Worship since then and recently Pastor Tu prayed for her before the congregation on Sunday. We know what the doctors say, but we know God has the final word.

Please join us in praying that God will heal Loan of her cancer. Please pray God will give her the strength to endure as God leads her through this season of her life while providing her and her husband with His peace and comforting them.

We thank God for Dung’s perseverance in sharing Jesus with Loan over the years. We thank God for His love and faithfulness in receiving us into His arms no matter how many times we have rejected Him prior.

Please pray Loan’s spirit will be lifted as she is surrounded by the love of Jesus through the Binh Chau Church congregation. And, as her husband sees this, he also will accompany her to church to learn more about the Father’s love.


We praise God for He has opened the door for our great-grandson to see a child psychologist. Thank you for your prayers as God hears and has answers them.


Preparations are already underway for our summer VBS Camp, which will be held on June 17-20 this year. Please pray God will draw many non-believing children to our camp to hear about Jesus’ love for them.

Please pray for God’s protection on the 23 new believers from our Christmas Outreaches against persecution that will come their way from non-Christian family members and friends. Please pray God will give them strength to stand firm in their new faith and use them to influence their family/friends for Christ. Please pray God will draw them closer to Him and give them the desire to attend church so they might grow in their walk with Him.

Please pray for God’s protection to cover Mai and her family and all our brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanh Linh from further persecution from local authorities. Please Pray God will give them the strength to stand firm in their faith in Jesus and to seek to know Him more deeply.

Please pray for God’s favor and protection on our witnessing team going to Tanh Linh each month. May God give them many Divine appointments and shield them from the local officials. Please join us in praying God will raise up a Vietnamese missionary (or couple) to move to Tanh Linh to serve Him in telling others about Jesus.

Please pray God will provide the funding needed to fully support the 11 children living in our orphanage/love house for 2024.

Please pray God will provide the funding needed to build a second orphanage/love house to be able to take in more children and separate the boys from the girls as most of our current children are now starting their teenage years.

Please pray God will bring a person to Binh Chau with plumbing skills to resolve our ongoing water issues.

Please pray God will open the door for us to publish Mai’s Eternal Way Gospel message on our next trip to Vietnam by providing someone in Vietnam to edit her presentation in Vietnamese.

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