September 2023 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | October 20th, 2023


Praise God as we are beginning to see much fruit from our youth witnessing teams that go out into the neighborhood each Sunday afternoon in hopes of sharing the Gospel and/or building relationships with non-Christian youths. Plus, 2 boys living in our orphanage/love house (Thien and Quoc Anh) asked several of their classmates to come play soccer on the church property on Saturday and then stay for Children’s Church. Pastor Tu shared the Gospel and 8 of these children came forward to ask Jesus into their heart as their Lord and Savior. We thank our Lord for instilling in our youth leaders a desire to share His love with others and giving them Divine appointments to fulfill this desire. The youth are so encouraged and excited when their friends ask Jesus into their heart. Please pray specifically for Duc, Khoi, Nhan, Huy, Tri, Hao, Chien, and Nhan (different boy) that God will give them a thirst and hunger to attend Children’s Church to learn more about God’s love, mercy, and grace for them and their families.


A witnessing team from the Binh Chau Church continues to travel to Tanh Linh each month to visit our new brothers and sisters in Christ there and build on the relationships we have formed in this Montagnard village over the last several months. Plus, God is giving us opportunities to meet new families to show and share the love of Jesus with. The team also walks throughout the village handing out candy, cookies, and school backpacks to the children they come into contact with. Our initial visits last November resulted in 12 from Tanh Linh attending our Christmas Outreaches in Binh Chau. Then, 25 attended our VBS this summer. We are praying 40-50 will attend our Christmas Outreaches at the Binh Chau Church this year.


Our renewed emphasis this year with our Witnessing Teams has not gone unnoticed. Recently, a local official came to the church and asked our pastor why the church was handing out so many pamphlets around town. He was explained to that the pamphlets we were giving out were approved by the government and contained their authorization stamp on them. The official then asked if we were trying to plant a church in Tanh Linh. We said we were just visiting fellow Christians there that had visited our church. The official then asked if we had given out many bicycles to Tanh Linh children. We stated yes as the children had won them at our summer VBS Camp by answering questions about the Bible. The official then reminded our pastor of their law of teaching about our God only within the walls of the church. We stated this was something we expected to hear 20 years ago, but not today and our God commands us to go tell others about Him:

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matthew 28:18-20a


Please pray the Gospel will infiltrate every part of Binh Chau and break through every area of darkness bringing the light of Jesus to the lost.

Please pray for God’s protection on the church as we increase our evangelism efforts.

Please pray for God’s protection from persecution for the 8 young boys who recently accepted Jesus.

Please pray for God’s protection on the new believers in Tanh Linh and God to give them the strength to stand firm in their faith against local interference.

Please pray God will bring a person to Binh Chau with plumbing skills to resolve our ongoing water issues on the church property.

Please pray for God to provide the funds for us to increase our outreach to Tanh Linh as we seek to bring new families to Christ and disciple the new believers there by going twice a month to Tanh Linh.

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Jesus in Vietnam Ministries, is a compassion ministry founded by Dennis and Mai Spencer. Vietnamese families suffer from deprivation, lacking sometimes even the necessities of life. In obedience to the many Scriptural commands to help the poor they are enabling families to survive in difficult circumstances. When shown mercy these families are very receptive to the Gospel. The Spencer’s also focus on children, who are the future church of Jesus Christ in Vietnam. Watch The Video About Jesus In Vietnam Ministries Here


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