August 2023 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | September 4th, 2023


We asked you before to pray for Viet. Now we would like to give you some specifics about Viet and what to pray for. Viet is a 21 year old young man who has been super faithful in, not only attending the Children’s Church, but Sunday Worship, Wednesday Prayer, and Friday Bible Studies, since he was about 7 years old. Even at a very young age, Viet displayed a knowledge of the Bible beyond his age.

Last year Viet graduated from a trade school (mechanic), but quit his job because they would not give him Sundays off to attend church. Viet has been one of our youth leaders for several years. Viet has always expressed a great desire to serve the Lord. We installed Viet as a Deacon in the church last December. We (Pastor Tu and us) agreed we needed to give Viet more opportunities to teach and lead. The last several months Viet has been teaching some of the Bible studies to the high school/ middle school kids at Children’s Church and helping lead the Children’s Witnessing Teams that go out each Sunday afternoon. Viet truly exemplifies the vision God put in our hearts in our very first trip to Binh Chau back in 2004.We saw so many young children in the streets with no adults around to watch over them. We prayed asking God to open the door for us to reach out to these children with the love of Jesus and teach them the truth of His precious Word so when they grow up they will still have a heart to follow you and tell others about you. We praise God and thank Him for answering our prayers with Viet and many others who have grown up in Children’s Church and still follow Jesus as young adults now. Before we left Vietnam the end of August, we sat down with Viet to discuss how we might come alongside him to help him fulfill his desire to serve our Lord. We asked Viet, if we could find him some sponsors, would he be willing to go to Saigon to take Bible classes and/or Seminary classes in order to become the Youth Pastor of the Binh Chau Church. Viet was excited at this possibility and said he definitely would love to do this. Pastor Tu is now in the process of gathering information to see what classes are available. Please join us in praying God will give us wisdom and discernment in providing the right place to put Viet where he will thrive learning a deeper spiritual understanding of His Word and the ability to lead others.


Several years ago we implemented a program to train the youth attending Children’s Church how to share the Gospel. Then they went out on Sunday afternoons to find children in the streets in hopes of sharing Jesus with them. God granted the children much fruit in sharing Jesus and also growing in confidence in their own faith. However, when we returned to Vietnam last November (after almost 3 years of covid restrictions), we discovered this program had fallen by the wayside. We re-established a program where each Sunday afternoon the youth have a time learning and practicing sharing the Gospel, going out as teams, and then returning to the church for a reporting session. God is giving our youth many opportunities to meet children, share the Gospel, and invite them to Children’s Church.


While the children are going out each Sunday to share Jesus, the adult Witnessing Teams go out each Thursday afternoon. Plus, God gave us many opportunities to share while we were in Vietnam.


What a blessing to receive the picture below showing the 13 children Pastor Tu baptized on August 27th. Many of these children live in our orphanage/love house and had asked Jesus into their heart, but had never been baptized.


The children living in our orphanage start the first hour of each day worshipping the Lord in song, hearing a devotion, and having a time of prayer. Then each evening ends with the group reading God’s Word and praying for themselves and each other. They sing in the youth choir and the older children serve during Children’s Church. In addition, besides going to school, they have their chores to complete. They definitely have a full agenda. Don’t worry as we make sure they have plenty of time to play too. We asked them this summer where they would like to go for a vacation. They all said Dalat, a picturesque tourist town in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Located high in the mountains, it provides cool temperatures and many activities for the children. As a reward we were able to take the children on a 4 day vacation to Dalat.

We started each morning with prayer followed by a Bible study. During our first morning God gave Mai the opportunity to share Jesus with our driver (Hung) and he asked Jesus into his heart.


We are always looking for ways to draw kids to the church. Buying a soccer game has been a good way of doing just that.

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you.” 1Thessalonians 3:9


The water issues we have battled for years have returned on the church property. Please pray God will bring a person to Binh Chau with plumbing skills to resolve this ongoing problem.

We thank God for bringing Loan back to serve as our housemother. Loan is great at cooking, cleaning, and taking the children to school. However, she is lacking in holding the children accountable. Please pray God will remind Loan the importance of being more focused in this area. Loan comes from a Catholic background and Mai led her to the Lord a few years ago. Please pray God would organize a time each week for Mai to disciple Loan so eventually Loan can lead the children in their Bible studies too.

Please pray for God to provide the funds for us to increase our outreach to Tanh Linh as we seek to bring new families to Christ and disciple the new believers there by going twice a month to Tanh Linh.

Please pray God’s protection on all the indigenous groups in Vietnam and continued open doors to share Jesus as they are under close scrutiny now. More details in our next newsletter.

Please pray for Divine appointments for the Evangelism Teams that go out each week, especially the children on Sunday afternoons. Please pray Pastor Tu will be more involved in monitoring the children’s results.

Please pray for Thien Y in our orphanage/love house. May God give her a spirit of obedience and respect with Loan, Kim, and Pastor Tu. Please pray God will give them a heart to mentor Thien Y with love and patience.

Please pray for Tam/Lam as Tam has turned away from the Lord and now has forbid his wife, children, and grandson (Lam, Trang, Be Xinh, and Luca) from going to church. Pray for their son Ty Truong in Saigon as he has told his father (Tam) he will continue following Jesus.

Please pray God will open the door for us to publish Mai’s Eternal Way Gospel message on our next trip to Vietnam by providing someone in Vietnam to edit her presentation in Vietnamese.

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