May/June 2023 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | July 1st, 2023


God blessed us with another wonderful VBS Camp, our 15th one for the children here in Binh Chau (and now Tanh Linh too). We praise God that He brought 64 children and over 30 adult volunteers to our VBS Camp this year. This included 25 people (14 children and 11 adults from Tanh Linh). Each was shown the love of Jesus and learned of His love, mercy, and grace for them through hearing the Gospel. As always, the highlight of VBS was our altar call on the 3rd day. What a blessing to see 7 children and 1 adult ask Jesus into their heart and 18 more children come forward to rededicate their hearts to Jesus. Plus, we had 3 more adults who asked Jesus into their heart during our VBS. Cam On Chua!! (Thank You Jesus)!!

God answered so many of our prayers in bringing the children, plenty of adult volunteers, no accidents or sicknesses. God even answered our prayers about the weather too. Even though it rained almost daily the week before VBS started, we had no rain during VBS, including day 4 at the beach. Then as we arrived back at the church and everyone left to go home, except the Tanh Linh Group, it was about 5 pm. Then at 5:20 pm we had a torrential downpour that lasted over an hour. This makes several years where we have had no rain during VBS despite being in the middle of monsoon season. What an awesome God we serve! We so appreciate and thank each of you for your faithful prayers and support that enables us to be here on your behalf to put on these VBS Camps and experience the joy of seeing God work in these children’s hearts.

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you.” 1Thessalonians 3:9


As we labor in the mission field, there are times we don’t experience as much fruit as we would like. We have to remind ourselves God calls some to plant the seed and others to water the seed, but He is the only one that can make that seed grow in a person’s heart. Still, we wonder at times what’s really going on in a child’s heart. Then God gives us a “wink” from Heaven to lift our spirit and let us know He’s at work even when we can’t visibly see the results yet. Please rejoice with us as we share this heartwarming story of God truly making the seed grow.

We gave away 7 bikes at VBS and 3 of those were won by children in our orphanage. While we were at the beach waiting for the bus to arrive to take us back to the church, 2 of them (Quoc Anh 12 years old and Mai 9 years old) were standing next to us. Mai began to talk to them about how blessed we were and how thankful we were for the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the Cross. Jesus showed His love for us by sacrificing His body in our place. Jesus was always thinking of others first. Mai said the Tanh Linh children were excited about winning a bike, but because of their lack of education, couldn’t memorize their Scriptures. Mai then asked Quoc Anh and Mai, since we already have 4 used bikes at the church, if they would be willing to sacrifice their 2 newbikes for the Tanh Linh children. Mai said they didn’t have to answer then, but to pray and think about it and let us know later that evening. Mai stated whatever your decision is ok with us, just let us know what God puts in your heart. Later that evening just before the Tanh Linh group boarded the bus to go home, both Quoc Anh and Mai came to us and said they were willing to sacrifice their new bikes for the Tanh Linh children. There were plenty of hugs and tears as God revealed to us He was at work in these 2 young children’s heart. We then told Quoc Anh and Mai they could keep their new bikes as a blessing for their willingness to sacrifice them for others who had much less than them. We pray this story brings joy to your heart knowing God is using each of you to impact these precious children for Jesus for all eternity.


We were so excited about Quoc Anh and Mai’s willingness to sacrifice their new bikes for a couple of the Tanh Linh children. However, at the same time sad because these children were returning with no bikes. God then put this in our heart: Caesar spread the word throughout Tanh Linh not to let your children go with the Christian church as they will sell them. Why not counter this false claim by blessing all 14 Tan Linh children with new bikes. By showing them the love of Jesus with these bikes, we pray these children attending our VBS will be a strong witness for Jesus to their friends and family. We know this blessing will spread throughout the village and back to Caesar too. And, many more children from Tanh Linh will be excited to attend our VBS Camp next year. Each new bike costs a little over $100. If God puts it in your heart to bless a Tanh Linh child with a bike, you may donate online at

Before the Tanh Linh group left for home we were able to give out some gently used clothing and stuffed animals to all the children.


The first 3 days of VBS the children stay at the church (both day and night). The days start out at 5:30 am and end at 9 pm. The day is filled with worship times, Bible studies, Scripture memorization, fun games and crafts, snacks, and 3 hot meals. Plus, most of the children want a bowl of noodle soup before bedtime. We always schedule day 4 as a fun day of fellowship and relaxation. This year we took them to the beach about 10 miles from the church.

Everyone was excited when the ice cream vendor (by motorcycle) showed up. Nothing like a cold ice cream cone on a very hot and humid day to cool you off.


When we were here last November we had several solar lights installed around the church to replace our standard lights. This will save us money in the long term and provides an extra measure of safety at night for the children staying in our orphanage. The day before our VBS Camp started we had additional solar lights installed around our soccer field. This enabled us to plan more outside evening events for the children during VBS.


Please pray God’s protection on the 11 people that prayed to receive Jesus during our VBS when persecution comes their way from non-believing family and friends. Please pray God will give them the strength to stand firm in their new commitment to Jesus.

Please pray the Tanh Linh group will be good witnesses to their family, neighbors, and friends about the joy they had at VBS while experiencing the love of Jesus and what they learned about the Gospel.

As our numbers of new believers increases in Tanh Linh, we know the enemy will try to stir up trouble for them. Please pray God’s protection will increase on these new Christians, especially for Mai and Thuy, who God is using to help organize these families.

We had 6 children who live across the street from the church attend our VBS this year (a long standing answer to prayer). And, they have been coming to play with the children in our orphanage and attend Children’s Church. Please pray God will use these children to influence their parents/grandparents for Christ as they see their children becoming more like Jesus each day.

Please pray for our youth leader, Viet, and his team (Thien, An, Thien Y, Hien, Quoc Anh) as they take on more responsibility of leading at Children’s Church. They already lead Worship and prayer and Viet teaches the middle/high school Bible studies at times. We have a 7 minute devotion during Children’s Church, usually given by an adult. We are starting a program to let each member of our youth team rotate in giving this devotion each week. Please pray God will give each of them wisdom and a deeper spiritual understanding of His Word as they prepare/share their devotions.

Please pray for our witnessing teams that go out on visits each week (adults on Thursday afternoons and youth on Sunday afternoons). Please pray God will give them Divine appointments as they seek to share Jesus with those He leads them to.

We are still searching for a housemother for our orphanage. Please pray God will direct us to the right lady who has a heart for children. In the meantime, we are having a lot of fun (and work) helping Kim take care of the children.

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