February 2023 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | March 23rd, 2023


We praise God that our youth evangelism program is off to a great start and already producing fruit for His kingdom. For the first few weeks we have been averaging about 15 of our youth meeting every Sunday afternoon at the church. They spend time as a group learning to share the Gospel and then break into one on one sessions to practice what they have learned.

Then they head out on motorcycles or bicycles into the surrounding neighborhoods to meet new kids or visit friends with the hopes of sharing Jesus with them.

They then invite them back to the church for a time of fellowship (snacks/drinks/games) and also to attend Children’s Church on Saturdays. Quoc (pictured in tie dyed t-shirt to the left) and his team recently visited with 3 of his friends. Kiet. Khoa, and Tien all came to Children’s Church the next Saturday and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. To God be the glory! We thank God for the heart He has given so many of our youth to spend their Sunday afternoons as His instruments to share His love with other kids in need of Jesus.


The Binh Chau Church witnessing team continues to visit our new brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanh Linh once a month to strengthen our connection with Mai Se and other families in this Montagnard village. We thank God for bringing Mai Se (and her family) to saving faith in Jesus and the heart to tell others in her village about Jesus. Through this connection we have met several other families and many children throughout the neighborhood. We are excited to already have 14 children signed up from this village to attend our VBS Camp at the Binh Chau Church this summer. Mai Se and her family have expressed a strong desire to learn more about Jesus. Starting next month at Pastor Tu’s suggestion, Mai Se and her mother will come to the Binh Chau Church one weekend each month. They will attend Children’s Church on Saturday and Sunday Worship, along with being discipled by Pastor Tu. We want to focus on Mai Se and her mother to train/equip them to return to their village to share what they have learned about Jesus with other families.

We recently learned of another connection we have with a Tanh Linh family. Hoa and Lan are 2 young ladies who grew up in the Binh Chau Church. Both became strong youth leaders in our Children’s Church. Lan lived in our orphanage/love house for 5 years and Hoa was our orphanage’s housemother at one time. Both now live and work in other towns. We discovered that Hoa and Lan’s mother (Hau) actually lives in Tanh Linh with her sister (Thuy) and her family. While in Tanh Linh Pastor Tu and his team went to visit them. They live very close to Mai Se and her family. Mai (Spencer) led Hau and Thuy to the Lord several years ago when they lived in Binh Chau. After they moved away from Binh Chau we lost track of them. What a surprise and blessing to find out they now live in Tanh Linh. We fully believe this is no coincidence. That God placed them there for a purpose. We pray Mai Se and her family along with Hau, Thuy and her family will be only the first of many, many families in Tanh Linh to know the Lord and be His witnesses of His love, mercy, and grace through His Son Jesus.


We recently received the above picture of the Binh Chau Church with the cross shining brightly above it. We were immediately filled with joy as we remembered how God brought this all about. When God allowed us to build His church in 2006 Mai (who was in Vietnam at that time) asked Pastor Quy if we could put a large cross on top of the church so everyone would know it was a Christian church. He told Mai he could not do that, but she could do it and then he left. Mai found a local man to construct an 10 foot high concrete cross and hired a crew to install it. We wanted to be discreet about it until after it was installed. However, since the cross was so big and heavy, they did not have a truck to transport it to the church. So they tied the cross to the back of a motorcycle and drug it to the church. Obviously, this created a lot of noise and attention to what we were doing. She asked the crew if they could stay and install the cross that night. The picture below shows them installing the cross during the night.

We praise God for His protection on His church that day that enabled the cross to stay. Now 17 years later the cross still shines brightly each night pointing people to His church and as a symbol of God’s love, mercy, and grace for us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross and His gift of Salvation to all who receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


We shared in our last newsletter the funds needed to support the 11 children living in our orphanage/love house for 2023. We praise God and thank each of you who gave this past month to put us closer to our goal. We ask that you please prayerfully consider donating towards helping these precious children of promise. If God puts it in your heart to give, please mail your check to JIV Ministries, 8821 N. Silver Moon Way, Tucson, AZ 85743 or donate online at jesusinvietnam.com


Preparations have started for our VBS Camp this year to be held on June 19-22. We are excited to have 67 children already signed up to attend. We will be seeking sponsors for the children again this year through emails to our past VBS supporters and then via our newsletters/website. We are also excited to be able to serve at our VBS Camp this summer to show and share the love of Jesus to these precious children.


Please pray God will provide the funds needed to build an additional building to separate the boys from the girls in our orphanage as they enter their teenage years and to be able to take in more children as God provides in the future.

Please pray God will give us favor with a contractor to receive a fair and, as accurate as possible, cost for labor/materials for this addition.

Please pray God will provide the additional funds ($6,000) needed to fully fund the children in our orphanage for 2023.

Please pray God will provide a housemother or house parents for our orphanage. Please pray for strength and grace to be patient for Kim as she temporarily fills in as the housemother.

Please pray for our VBS Camp scheduled for June 19-22. We already have 67 children signed up to attend. Please pray God will provide a sponsor for each child. Please pray for more children to sign up and attend. Please pray God will provide the teachers and volunteers needed to make this VBS Camp possible and successful.

Please pray God will give Mai and her mother from Tanh Linh a deeper understanding of His Word as they are discipled at the Binh Chau Church.

Please pray God would raise up young people in Tanh Linh that would be willing to attend discipleship training at the Binh Chau Church.

Please pray for God’s protection on Mai and her family and Hau and her family in Tanh Linh from persecution, especially from government officials.

Please pray God will give the youth evangelism and the adult witnessing teams Divine appointments to reach more people with the Gospel.

Please pray, as the economy improves in Vietnam, people will still be open to hearing the Gospel and understand their need for God and a Savior.

Please pray for unity and a spirit of humbleness between Pastor Tu and Kim as they serve together.

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:9

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