March/April 2022 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | May 10th, 2022


When we first went to Vietnam in the summer of 2004 to see if God would use us to build His church in Mai’s home town of Binh Chau, we were told over and over this was not possible for us to do. We agreed we couldn’t, but knew in our heart if it was God’s plan He would make it happen. Despite much adversity and many obstacles the enemy put before us, God removed each and every one of them over the years. On April 30, 2006 we held our first Worship Service in the newly constructed Binh Chau Church building. Over the years God’s hand of protection on His church has guided us through persecution, then tolerance, and now to acceptance by those who first opposed His church. On April 30, 2022 we were blessed to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Binh Chau Church with around 80 attending. Plus, we had about 20 who didn’t attned the service, but came afterwards for the celebration fellowship meal (prepared by several ladies in the church). This inckuded several local officials and neighbors living around the church. We thank our Lord for all the people He has brought to the Binh Chau Church over the years to attend our Sunday Worship Services, Children’s Church, VBS Camps, Christmas Evengelical Outreaches, and our Suoi Bang church plant who have heard the Good News of God’s plan for redemption through His Son Jesus. We thank each of of you whom God has given a heart to pray and financially support His church in Binh Chau over these last 16 years. Take joy in knowing God has used your love for His children (young and old) to bring many to saving faith in Jesus and to change their lives for all eternity. We give our Lord all the praise and all the honor and all the glory!


Our church plant in Suoi Bang meets in Mr. and Mrs. Hien’s house. They are such a humble couple with a real passion to share Jesus with others, especially Mrs. Hien. We shared with you in our last newsletter how Satan has been attacking them through destroying their fruit tree orchard and irrigation system. Unfortunately, our enemy did not stop there. Mrs. Hien (Huong) was involved in a recent motorcycle accident and sustained injuries to her face, arms, shoulder, and neck. She also has an issue with her spinal cord where she is unable to move her arms. Huong was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to one in Saigon.


A man (Hai) dropped by the Binh Chau church e few weeks ago to talk to the pastor about needing some help. He shared with Pastor Tu that he was pastoring a house church in his house in Xuyen Moc (about 12 miles from Binh Chau). However, he stated the local authorities had closed his church down. Hai has been attending the Binh Chau church the last few weeks. He spent 10 years in South Korea studying with the Presbyterian church and speaks Korean and English along with his native language. Hai also has a musical background and buys/sells pianos and keyboards. Hai has been volunteering his musical talents by playing the keyboard at our Sunday evening Worship Services in Suoi Bang.

When Hai saw the condition of our older keyboard, he blessed the church with a new higher quality one. The picture above shows An (in black) praying with the youth choir before practice. An plays the keyboard at both Children’s Church and Sunday Worship. Hai said he would be happy to teach some of the other children in our orphanage/love house how to play the keyboard too. We thank God for the heart He has given to Hai to give of his time & talents to help the church and children.


Last October/November we shared with you the needs of 2 widows in the Binh Chau church. First was Dung who lives with her teenage son in a one room house with a low ceiling making the house very hot throughout the year. Her bathroom was separated from the rest of the house. Dung wanted to add 2 bedrooms to her house, raise the roof, and incorporate the bathroom inside the house.
Second was Hue who lives in a very old house consisting of wooden poles holding up a roof made of aluminum and tarps that was ready to collapse. Hue was able to sell her small piece of land of start construction on her new home. We praise God and thank each of you who have prayed for and given funds to help these 2 deserving widows.


We have been praying for God to raise up a spiritual housemother for the children in our orphanage/love house. God answered by giving us a spiritual big sister instead. Huyen (19 years old) attended our Children’s Church from 8 years old through high school. She was one of our youth leaders for Children’s Church. Huyen spent the last year away from Binh Chau attending college, but is now back in Binh Chau. She called Pastor Tu and asked to be considered for the position in our orphanage/love house. Huyen will be leading the children in their morning worship, prayer, and short devotion time and evening Bible reading and prayer before going to sleep. She will also be helping the children with their Scripture memorizations and school studies. This will free Pastor Tu up to focus on the many other responsibilities he has.


Quang and Nhu Y were married recently in the Binh Chau church by Pastor Tu. Quang is another one of our children who grew up attending our Children’s Church. He’s been working in Saigon for the last few years, but returned to Binh Chau with his finace. Quang brought Nhu Y to meet Pastor Tu. Praise God as He used Pastor Tu to lead Nhu Y to faith in Jesus. The young couple recently moved to Binh Chau and have expressed a desire to help with the youth ministry.


Pastor Tu, his wife and 2 children, and all the children in our orphanage/love house came down with covid last month. The only person living on the church property who didn’t get covid was the housemother. We praise and thank God for keeping Loan healthy to be able to take care of all the sick children. All have fully recovered now as their symptoms resembled more of a cold for 4-5 days.


Please pray God will completely heal Huong and comfort her and her family during this time.

Please pray God will give Huyen favor with the children in our orphanage/love house and use her to strengthen their walk with the Lord.

Khanh, another young man who grew up going to our Children’s Church and a youth leader, now lives in Saigon. Mai has been mentoring Khanh for several months as Khanh has a strong desire to serve the Lord. Khanh has been asked by a pastor we know to to help with his VBS in the Central Highlands. Please pray God will use Khanh to help the children attending to know Jesus more deeply.

Pastor Tu would like to train 2 or 3 men to become elders in the Binh Chau church. Please pray God will give him wisdom and discernment in asking the right men who have a heart to serve and demonstrate Christ in their lives.

VBS Camp 2022 will be held on July 11-14. We have 32 children signed up to attend so far. Please pray covid will continue to decline and parents will have confidence in allowing their children to attend.

Please pray for God to give us wisdom and discernment in how the church can come along side Hai in his desire to plant a church in Xuyen Moc.

Please pray for God to provide the funds for a newer, more reliable van for the church and our orphanage. Our current van is now 23 years old and in poor shape.

Please pray God would provide the funds to build a 2nd story onto our orphanage which would enable us to separate the boys from the girls as the boys enter their teenage years.

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:9

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