October 2021 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | November 17th, 2021


“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20

For the last 5 months, Pastor Tu broadcast Sunday Worship from the sanctuary by himself. The children living in our orphanage/love house, our housemothers, and Pastor Tu’s family met together in our orphanage/love house in order to comply with no more than 2 people can be at church for the broadcast. Hoepfully, Covid cases have peaked in Binh Chau and we are now allowed to have up to 30 people attend church. For now, we are limiting the people to the above mentioned group plus Kim and one of her sons (18 people total). We felt it best to limit the number of people that don’t live on the church property from attending just yet due to the penalty ($2-4,000 USD) imposed by the authorities if you have a break out of Covid in your group. In the meantime, everyone is thrilled to be back together in church worshipping our Lord together.


While Binh Chau (and the rest of the country) is opening on a limited basis, the schools remain closed. This will probably continue for some time. The above picture shows our “temporary” school set up in the church’s kitchen. The pictures above also show more of our children schooling online. We thank God that He provided the funds for us to purchase 3 used computers for the children to use. Plus, we praise our Lord for guiding Pastor Tu to find them when computers are harder to find now.

We also thank God for another answered prayer in Viet agreeing to help little Mai with her studies. Thien, our oldest boy in our orphanage/love house has been great in helping Mai too. God is so good!


Our 3 liittle ones are not old enough to go to school, but that doesn’t keep them from learning as they study their ABC’s, numbers, etc each day while the other children are doing online schooling. Plus, they’re excited they can “attend school” as the older children.


We had our first meeting with Pastor Tu and Kim to start planning for our Chrsitmas Outreaches for this year. With a very tight limit on how many people can gather together, our outreaches this year will be quite different from our 15 previous ones. We will hold one at the Binh Chau Church with the 16 people living on the church property plus 14 more. We will be asking the many members of the congregation who can’t attend in person to gather in their homes in smaller groups and watch online. And, encouraging them to invite at least one non-Christian family they know to join them.
The children in the orphanage/love house have been divided into groups and will provide the music, but we will not put on a Christmas play this year as we have done in the past. We will also hold a second outreach at our Suoi Bang church plant which meets in Mr/Mrs. Hien’s house. Pastor Tu will give the Christmas message at both outreaches. We will be decorating the church property with Christmas lights to bring a little joy to the community that has faced so much fear and anxiety this year. We will also provide a Christmas meal and gifts for the children attending both Christmas Outreaches. Please join us in praying God will remove Covid and the 30 person limit so we can open our Christmas Outreaches up to everyone.


From the very beginning our prayer has been for God to allow us to instill His Word in the hearts of the precious children He brings to us. That, as they become adults, they will know and remember the truth of His Word and seek to live their lives according to those truths. Everyone living in our orphanage/love house is up at 5am Monday through Friday for a time of praise, prayer, and Bible devotions led by Pastor Tu. They end each evening by reading 3 chapters in the Bible and praying. Plus, on Friday nights they have an extended Bible study at our orphanage/love house since we are not able to currently have our Friday night small group Bible studies in different homes. The children are also given Bible verses to memorize each week and we receive videos of them reciting their verses. Even Kien and Kim, the twin girls in our orphanage/love house who will be 3 in December, have memorized John 3:16. To God be the glory!

We believe it’s never too early to put a Bible in a child’s hand and start teaching them the importance of always keeping God’s Word with you. The picture above shows Gia Uyen, Pastor Tu’s youngest daughter, with her Bible during Bible study.


It’s been 2 years now since Nhan, husband to Dung and father to Christmas and Viet, went to be with the Lord. At that time, several of you gave generously to pay for Nhan’s funeral, burial plot, and funds given to Dung to help the family financially. Dung put most of those funds aside and has been adding to them when she can to expand her very small one room house. Unfortunately, these last few months of lockdown has depleted her funds. Dung has asked for us to pray for God to provide the funding for her to add 2 bedrooms to her house for her children and add new doors and windows so she can add a window air conditioning unit. Her house gets extremely hot now, even at night. This precious family has been one of the most faithful families in the Binh Chau church for many years. Dung estimates needing around $5,000 to complete this work on her house. As you plan your year end giving (beyond your local church), we ask that you prayerfully consider helping this deserving family. Funds may be given online at our website jesusinvietnam.com or sent to our home address. Pleae note “Dung Family” on any contribution.


Thank you for your prayers for God to open the door for Ngoc to return to Binh Chau to start serving as the spiritual housemother for the children living in our orphanage/love house. She will be able to leave Saigon soon, and after, quaranteening at home for 14 days, move to our orphanage/love house to serve the Lord and His children. Ngoc will take over from Pastor Tu leading the children in their Bible studies, prayer time, and Scripture memorization (with oversight from Pastor Tu and mentoring from Mai).


Please pray God will lead each member of the Binh Chau church and our Suoi Bang church plant to the right non-Christian family to join them in watching one of our Christmas Outreaches online. Please pray many of these families will understand the true meaning of Christmas and ask Jesus into their heart as their Lord and Savior during the altar call.

Please pray God will use the fear and anxiety caused by this coronavirus to soften hearts and draw many to Him.

Please pray God will keep all our brothers and sisters in Christ in Binh Chau and Suoi Bang from getting the coronavirus.

Please pray God will give Ngoc wisdom and understanding of His Word, favor with the children, and use her to strengthen their walk with the Lord.

Please pray God will give each member of the Binh Chau church and our Suoi Bang church plant the strength and desire to live their lives according to His Word so others may see Christ in them and want the love, peace, joy, and grace they see in them.

Please pray for the virus threat to subside so the Vietnamese government allows incoming international flights and we can return to Vietnam again soon.

Please pray for God to open the door for us to travel to Thi’s home village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam to share Jesus with them when we are able to return to Vietnam.

As we are now in our 70’s, please pray God will keep us strong and healthy to serve Him in Vietnam for many years to come. Please pray God will raise up a young man or woman we can begin to mentor to continue the ministry God has blessed us with.

Please pray for God to provide the funds for us to replace our 22-year-old van with a newer, more reliable one for the church and our orphanage/love house.


As always, we have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. One being, your faithful prayers and support for God’s work in Vietnam and allowing us to share each month with you the amazing things God is doing for His precious children in Vietnam in answer to those prayers/support. We pray God will bless each of you with a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

1 Thessalonians 3:9

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