Binh Chau VBS 2014 Day 3

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | June 26th, 2014

Dear Friends,

Day 3 started out with getting all the kids organized for breakfast. It’s amazing how from the time their eyes open in the morning they are ready to go and so full of energy. They are usually up playing at least an hour until breakfast is served at 6:30 am. The morning was filled with plenty of Worship and then Bible studies. Then the 4 AWANA Teams competed in a “Great Race Adventure”. The teams would go to one station, perform some silly task, receive an envelope with a clue to a Bible scripture they had to identify, then proceed to the next station. They scored points for completing each segment. The kids had a lot of fun and were very competitive in trying to win first place.

After lunch some of the kids took a nap, while others stayed awake and played. Then we had more Worship and an altar call was given. We only had 11 non-believers at this VBS and 6 professed Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Cam On Chua (Thank You Lord)! Plus, we had 3 adults accept Christ during the VBS. Another Praise the Lord!

Then we had the event all the kids look forward to: the rewarding of new bicycles for scripture memorization. At the beginning of VBS all the kids were given Bible verses to memorize ( 1 for the little ones, 2 for the middle school, and 3 for the high school). All their names were put in a box and we randomly draw names out. If your name is drawn, then you come up front and recite your scripture/scriptures to Elder Truong and Elder Duong. If you recite them correctly, you are awarded a new bike. God’s hand was on this event and blessed us in so many ways.

The first name selected was Viet who is one of the most faithful kids in the church and really knows his Bible. Mai said just give him the bike as he certainly knows his verses, which he did. Vu, a young boy of 7 and a cousin of our nephew, Ty Troung, was drawn. He is a non-believer and his parents won’t let him attend church much, but they did allow him to come to VBS. As Vu came forward Mai whispered to me she hoped he would win as he was always asking his older cousin, Ty Troung, to help him memorize his scripture. Lots of applause as Vu won a bike. Later, Ty Troung’s name was drawn and we were certain he would know his scriptures, but he missed. Seems like he helped his younger cousin so much to learn his verses that he didn’t have time to study his own. What a teaching moment that presented us on the love and sacrifice for your fellow brother in Christ.

Then one of the 5 kids that live across the street from the church, whose Dad used to really persecute the church, was drawn. Her name is Ba Hai and she has been shared the Gospel many times, but never received Christ because of fear of persecution from her family. Ba Hai knew her verses, tough, and was rewarded a bike. We know that some day Ba Hai( 14 years old) will profess Jesus as her Lord and Savior. We had 5 kids that can’t read or write, but we offered to help them memorize their verses. However, only one did. That was Nghia (18 years old). He is a sweet kid, but just never had the opportunity to go to school. As we drew the name for the last bike to be given away, by God’s providence, it was Nghia’s name. When his name was announce a loud roar erupted from the other kids as they know Nghia’s situation and his love for the Lord. The applause was even greater as Nghia recited correctly the Bible verse that had been read to him many times in the previous 3 days so he could memorize God’s Word. Plus, Nghia walks everywhere because he doesn’t have a bike. GOD IS SO GOOD! W and many of the kids truly needed one. We thank Him for letting us see a glimpse of His love for these precious children. We gave away 23 bikes for scripture memorization.

Around 5 pm dinner was served. Afterwards, we had a time of prayer thanking God for giving us a wonderful 3 days of VBS and blessing each person (young and old) who attended.

Thank you again for your prayers and support that God uses to touch so many hearts for Christ. You are all such a blessing to these precious children and their families.


Dennis and Mai

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