VBS 2010 Day 1

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | July 31st, 2010

Day 1 of VBS started with kids arriving as early as 5am as it takes awhile to get them all here on the back of motorcycles. As they arrived the kids quickly began running around the church ground playing games. One thing for sure is they certainly brought a lot of energy with them. By 8am we had a church full of kids and adult volunteers. It was challenging to get an accurate account as kids kept filtering in as the day went on, but we did hand out 147 T-shirts. Best estimate is 110-115 children with 30-35 adult volunteers. We may get more tomorrow as many of the non-believers did not show up today. Seems there was some confusion as who was to pick up who where? Plus, some of the non-believer parents changed their minds about allowing their children to come. Overall though, we are very pleased with the turn out. Camonchua!

Elder Nhan gathered all the kids inside the church and they were given name tags and assigned to a team. Then Elder Nhan asked Mai to give the opening prayer and the VBS was officially kicked off. Next was a time of praise and worship led by a group of 6 young people that are friends of Elder Nhan from different churches in or around Saigon. They were excellent at getting the kids into the music worship. You could really tell our church kids from the non-believers, but the leaders did a great job in drawing the non-believers in. After a break (where snacks and drinks were served) the kids were divided up into 3 age groups for Bible study. Elder Nhan taught the older kids, while the young leadership team taught the middle school and little ones. The first day of teaching focused on God as the Creator, while the second day will focus on Jesus. The classes went well and the teachers did a great job of getting/keeping the kids attention.

Then the chore of serving lunch took place. Praise God for the ladies that worked tiredlessly preparing the meals. They work in an area behind the church with only tarps protecting them from the elements. They cook on open charcoal pots which only add immensely to the already 90+ degree temperature and 60% humidity. As I filmed them it literally felt like standing in an oven. It was a real labor of love these ladies exhibited. Last year we paid ladies to do the cooking, but this year, these ladies (all members of the Binh Chau church) volunteered their time so the money could be used for the kids.

After lunch there was more praise and worship and then more Bible studies. Dinner was served around 5pm and then all the kids were lined up to take a shower and change thier clothes for the evening. All the VBS T-shirts were collected to be washed and hung out to dry so they will be available to wear on the third day to our trip to Saigon. It takes awhile for things to dry here because of the high humidity. Then there was a time of quiet talk followed by more music and games. Some of the kids had to return home for the evening, but the vast majority slept in the church for the night.

This VBS, I imagine like most VBS’, saw the adults more happy the day was over than the kids. It’s amazing to see the energy level they have in this heat. I know that Mai, Cheree, and I will sleep well tonight.

We can’t even begin to tell you what a blessing today was. We are quick to give our Heavenly Father all the glory, honor, and praise! Thank you again for all your prayers and support that allowed us to experience Jesus in the midst of these precious children today. We are witnesses that God is answering your prayers and changing these kids lives. Thank you for making a difference.


Dennis, Mai, and Cheree

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