A Miracle from God for Binh Chau

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | July 14th, 2010


We have traveled to Vietnam and Binh Chau many times, but this was by far the most rewarding trip we have taken. To look back 5 years ago when we were told that we couldn’t build a church in Binh Chau, we couldn’t worship our God there, the church would never be recognized, and then, to see what God has accomplished today. We are so humbled to see that our Almighty God has not only established His church in Binh Chau, but it has been recognized by the local government. But, more importantly, we witnessed that His church is full of His children, who have the love of Christ in their hearts, are growing in their walk with the Lord, and are reaching out to others with the Gospel. The church in Binh Chau is truly a miracle from God that demonstrates His love, mercy, and grace for those He has called to be His children. May we always be quick to give our Heavenly Father ALL the praise, honor, and glory!

“The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made. All you have made will praise you, O Lord; your saints will extol you. They will tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all men may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The Lord id faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made. Psalm 145:9-13

We thank God for bringing Pastor Chinh to Binh Chau. Over the last few months Pastor Chinh has suffered many attacks from some members of Pastor Quy’s church and the government. But God has rewarded him for his perseverance with a healthy and growing congregation. We witnessed in Pastor Chinh a deep love for the people of Binh Chau and a great desire to serve God there. Please pray that God will open the door for his family to move to Binh Chau in the near future.

We also thank God for bringing Elder Nhan to Binh Chau to teach the children. We wish that all of you could have seen the love and enthusiasm he has for those children. We were thrilled to see the children so responsive to his teaching and so anxious to answer questions and recite scripture. One of the blessings we witnessed were the children (90%) that game forward and gave an offering during Children’s church. Also, the youth go out every Sunday afternoon to visit, to encourage those not in church that morning, and to share the Gospel. Please pray that God will open the door for our youth here to go and teach XEE to the youth leadership of the Binh Chau church.

We thank God that the issues with the government has quieted down and the church is
now recognized at the local and province level (but not yet at the state/country level). This comes only from God and has strengthened the church knowing His protection is upon them. This allows the church to operate without the constant threat of government intervention. This recognition was the reason we were able to put up the new sign this trip and no government officials even checked on us or the church while we were there.

Binh Chau is growing and will continue to grow due to the new harbor being built there. In the future it will be called the city of Binh Chau as one of the bigger cities in that region. The economy for some is much better, but most still struggle to survive day by day. As we were able to visit many of the brothers and sisters’ in Christ in their homes to pray for them and encourage them in their walk with the Lord, it confirmed the need for a strong Mercy Ministry within the church. We are definitely meeting the needs of the poor, the oppressed, the widowed, and the children in providing them, not only the love of Christ, but everyday essentials to give them hope and encouragement in their daily struggles.

As the church continues to grow the need for more land is critical. The government has announced over the next 20 years the street will be widened in front of the church. We will lose an additional 10 meters of church property. This will all but eliminate the area in front of the church. Plus, to fulfill the vision God has put in our hearts to build an orphanage and school, more land is needed. Over 40% of the children in the church do not go to school either because their parents can not afford to send them or they have to stay home to watch their younger siblings. Acquiring more land would enable us to have the space to construct a building to meet this need.

The Catholic Church in Binh Chau is starting construction on a new building costing close to 3 million dollars about 2 blocks from our church that will include a school. They have broke ground and it will be completed in about 5 years. The Catholic Church in Binh Chau is much different from the Catholic Church in the USA.

Focusing on educating the children will enable them to read and understand God’s Word more and better prepare them for society. It would also open the door for their parents (many who are deeply rooted in their cultural beliefs) to hear about Jesus from their children and through meetings with the teacher.

The need for a kitchen is great. We witnessed the feeding of the children before Children’s church on Saturday night. We don’t know how it started, but it is such a labor of love to experience. Some women in the church cook for hours to feed around 40 children plus adults that show up who have little food at home. They currently cook and prepare everything on the floor out in the open air. The area is covered with a tarp for protection from the rain, but it is very hot for the children and ladies who cook. The kitchen could also serve as a multi-purpose room to hold Sunday School for the children (they currently meet outside in the heat) and to be able to divide the Children’s church into 2 age groups (they currently meet as one group ages 4 to 15). Please pray that God would provide the remaining funds ($5,000) for the kitchen to be built before the next VBS in June of 2010.

Another pressing need is that of a van to transport children and some adults to and from church. An example is the children have to be picked up (by motorcycles) starting 2 hours before Children’s church and then another 2 hours to get them all home afterwards. The last ones do not get home until close to 10pm on Saturday nights. This causes poor attendance the next morning for Sunday Worship 8am start). The children would need to be picked up starting at 6-630am. Please pray that God will provide the funds to purchase this much needed van.

Any healthy, vibrant, growing church has many needs and the church in Binh Chau is no exception. Even though we are anxious to see these needs meet sooner than later, we know that it will all come to past in God’s perfect timing. Our Lord has done a great and glorious work in giving us the joy to see His church established in Binh Chau where His people can now freely worship His name. Any other needs He meets will just be adding blessings upon blessings.

As we stood in the pulpit at the Binh Chau church giving our final goodbyes until we see them again, 2 things crossed our hearts and minds. One, what an Awesome God we serve that loves us so much to give us the desire of our hearts to build a prayer house for His people in Binh Chau. And two, how thankful we are to that God has touched His servants like each of you to lift this small church and us before His throne so faithfully and to sacrifice financially to His work in Binh Chau. If you could experience the look of love and gratitude we saw on each smiling face looking back at us, you would truly realize the difference you are making in these precious people’s lives, not only for the short time on this earth, but for eternity. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly for your faithfulness.

In Christ’s love,

Dennis and Mai

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