July 2012 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | August 20th, 2012




The most exciting time of VBS, and the reason we return every year, occurred on the second evening when Elder Nhan gave the Gospel again, followed by an altar call. We praise God as 33 kids stepped forward and prayed to ask Jesus into their heart as their personal Lord and Savior (picture above). What a joyous blessing to see God give them understanding and draw these precious souls into His kingdom. We thank God that He allows us (you/us) to be His instruments to deliver His gift of eternal life to these precious children. Over the next few weeks, the church will visit each of these parents in hopes of also sharing the Gospel with them, or at least, getting their kids connected to the church through attending Children’s Church on Saturday nights. We praise God that most of these new believers came to the last Children’s Church we attended before coming back home as 107 kids were there.

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew  19:14


What a blessing to see the joy and happiness on each of these precious children’s faces as they play together, eat a hot meal together, and then all worship the Lord together. We were reminded that many of these happy and joyful faces live a much different life during the week. Many come from broken homes with abusive fathers. Others are left alone (while their parents work during the day) to take care of themselves or wander the streets. Some of these children left alone are as young as 4 or 5 years old. We hear of children that have no food to eat and end up at the market trying to take food when the vendor turns their back. Others roam the streets and are swayed by their non-Christian friends, which leads to trouble. And, these are kids from the church! Many non-Christian kids are in the same sad situations. Only the love of Christ can break this cycle. God has blessed us with His church where these kids can come and experience the love of Jesus, a beautiful kitchen where hot meals can be prepared for the kids, and enough land for the kids to play soccer, volleyball, etc. God has given us a vision to establish an orphanage on the church property to reach out to these children. It would have to start out as a daycare (as to not bring the attention of Caesar), but would develop into a full time orphanage where the physical and spiritual needs of these precious kids could be met.



We thank God that the 2012 VBS was a huge success with 133 kids attending (picture above holding sponsor pictures).  The picture below shows the start of VBS where every child who did not own a Bible was given one. We thank all of you who donated funds so these Bibles could be purchased. After prayer and worship, they broke into 3 age groups and 1 group for non-believers for Bible studies and other activities. Elder Nhan, Elder Tu, and the group of young people from Saigon did a great job of teaching the kids. Elder Nhan taught the non-believers and really focused on who God is, the fall of man, and the need for Jesus (through the EE presentation). We thank God for opening the hearts of these precious kids as 33 prayed to receive Christ. We were able to reward 29 kids with a bike for memorizing their scriptures and purchase an additional 5 bikes to be used by the Youth EE teams for their Sunday afternoon visits. Elder Tu reminded the ones who got bikes of John 14:6 and to remember each time they rode their bikes that Jesus is with them showing them the way. We thank God for providing every need for the VBS, even the extra funds that were needed at the last minute in order to take the kids to the amusement park in Saigon.  We thank all of you who sponsored a child or provided a bike. God is using you to make such an impact on these kid’s lives


Please pray that God will open the door for an orphanage to be built on the church property to meet the physical and spiritual needs of so many hurting children.

Please pray that God will provide the funds to construct 2 more buildings to be used as classrooms now and dorms for the orphanage in the future.

Please pray for the 33 children and 10 adults who prayed to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. May God open their eyes to understand who He is and give them a hunger for His Word.

Please pray that God will work out the details of picking all these new believers up each week so they may attend Children’s Church on Saturday. This is becoming more difficult as we have over 75 kids now that have to be transported 2 at a time on motorcycles to and from church. This is very time consuming and sometimes dangerous.

Please pray that God will raise up more people willing to serve in the Binh Chau church.

Please pray that God will open the door for house churches to be planted in S.B. and T.T.

in His perfect timing.


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Jesus in Vietnam Ministries, is a compassion ministry founded by Dennis and Mai Spencer. Vietnamese families suffer from deprivation, lacking sometimes even the necessities of life. In obedience to the many Scriptural commands to help the poor they are enabling families to survive in difficult circumstances. When shown mercy these families are very receptive to the Gospel. The Spencer’s also focus on children, who are the future church of Jesus Christ in Vietnam. Watch The Video About Jesus In Vietnam Ministries Here



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