December 2010 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | December 13th, 2010

“They replied, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household. Then they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all the others in his house.” Acts 16:31-32

The lady in the picture below (wearing yellow) is little Giang’s grandmother on her mother’s side of the family. If you recall, Giang lives with her grandparents on her father’s side while her parents work in the jungle. The grandparents, parents, and little Giang all came to the Lord through the church in Binh Chau over the last year. Her other grandmother lives in a town a few miles


from Binh Chau. Over several months she has heard of and witnessed the love of Christ that the church has shown to Giang and her family. When the church was asked to go visit her, she was open to hearing the Gospel and prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior. CAM ON CHUA!! God is using your prayers and support to bring whole families to Him and change their lives for all eternity. Thank you for making a difference.


We are excited about our connection with Pastor Bien. He is EE’s (Evangelism Explosion) representative in Saigon. We sent 2 people from the Binh Chau church to a Kid’s EE clinic in Saigon earlier in the year. Because of restrictions imposed by Caesar, people have to travel to Saigon to attend clinics. However, Pastor Bien has expressed an interest in exploring the possibility of holding an EE clinic at the Binh Chau church next year. Elder Nhan invited Pastor Bien to spend Christmas in Binh Chau. He accepted and will be there for several days to help with the Christmas outreaches. This will give Pastor Bien an opportunity to get to know Elder Nhan, Kim, and other members of the church and to better understand how he can help them with their evangelistic outreaches. Our prayer is for every member of the Binh Chau church to be trained to share their faith through the EE ministry so they will be equipped to take the message of Jesus Christ to every town and village surrounding Binh Chau.


Two teams are making weekly home visits. One team visits the sick or those who haven’t been to church lately while the other team goes out to share the Gospel. The witnessing team consists of Elder Nhan, Kim, and Mr. Nhang.
4 people prayed to receive Christ last month.


The church is busy preparing for the Christmas events. This year they will hold 2 different Christmas evangelistic outreaches at the church. On Christmas Eve the focus will be on the adults and on Christmas Day will be the program for the kids. Pastor Bien will be coming from Saigon to help Elder Nhan and Kim for a few days. Pastor Bien will give the message on Christmas Eve. Each member of the congregation, regardless of their age, was asked to invite at least one non-believer to one of the services. They were very excited about doing this and many invitations were sent out. The kids have been decorating the church and practicing their singing for the Christmas programs. Elder Nhan has invited some friends from Saigon to help with the music as most of the congregation is like us (musically challenged). Please pray that God will use these outreaches to bring many of these non-believers to Christ.


The first picture below shows members of the church who attended an all night worship-praise-prayer night at the church last


week. They want to do this once a month going forward to help strengthened their walk and relationship with the Father. It is so joyful to see these precious people growing in their desire to know Him.


Please pray that God will raise up more


laymen to serve in the church.

Please pray for Mai’s trip to Vietnam next


February to oversee the building of the
kitchen and to explore the possibility of
planting a house church in S.B.

Please pray that Mai will be able to interview
and hire a Youth Pastor while she is there.

Please pray that God will provide all the funds
next year to build the much needed kitchen
and classroom for the kids. The pictures
(middle and bottom) show the kids eating
in the current kitchen and holding class
outside. The conditions are hot, humid, and
at times, unsanitary.


Caesar has approved Elder Nhan to preach
and teach at the Binh Chau church for one
year. This is an answer to prayer.

The Binh Chau church will be receiving 50
boxes from Operation Christmas Child this

Despite some challenges this year, we praise
God that the church continues to grow under
His protective hand.

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