November 2010 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | November 20th, 2010


Mr. Sau Cong (pictured below with his wife) worked for Caesar about 3 years ago in the town of Suoi Bang (about a 25 minute drive from Binh Chau). A church group came to that town, shared the Gospel with Mr. Sau Cong, and he received Christ. He then quit his job with Caesar and was then trained by this church to start a house church there. Over a 4 month time frame, Mr. Sau Cong led 58 people to the Lord. However, there was then severe persecution from Caesar, and Mr. Sau Cong’s support team was


forced to leave that area. Discouraged, the house church was forced to close down. Mr. Sau Cong eventually went back to work for Caesar. Recently, Suoi Bang came under the jurisdiction of the town of Binh Chau. Elder Nhan went to visit Mr. Sau Cong to see how he was doing. Mr. and Mrs. Sau Cong were very happy and encouraged to talk and pray together with a fellow believer as it had been 2 years since they had seen anyone from a church. Please pray that God might develop our relationship with Mr. Sau Cong to re-plant a house church in the town of Suoi Bang.


Last month the youth from the Binh Chau church traveled to Ho Coc beach (12 km from Binh Chau) for a one night retreat. There on the beach they had a sweet time of fellowship (picture below) where they praised and worshipped God. They played


games in the afternoon and then sat around the campfire at night hearing the Word of God. They spent the night on the beach, but in cabins. They were able to bond more closely together by sharing the love of Christ with each other and making a commitment to serve Christ together in the church. The youth wanted us to tell you how much they appreciated this time of fellowship, made possible by your financial support.


Yen (pictured with her youngest daughter below) came to Binh Chau from central Vietnam to find work. Her husband, like many husbands in Vietnam, abandoned her and their children. Yen left her other 4 children with her mother. Yen got a job in Binh Chau mixing cement, making barely enough to rent a shack and buy some food. Brother Nhang and his team visited her and shared the

Yen and daugther

Gospel. Both Yen and her daughter prayed to receive Christ. When her co-workers and neighbors found out they are now Christians, they have been harassing them. The church has been a comfort to her and her daughter through visiting them and providing them with rice and soup.


Please pray that God will protect Yen and her
daughter from this persecution and strengthen
them through His word.

Please pray that God will raise up more
people to help Elder Nhan in the church.

Please pray for wisdom and discernment for
Elder Nhan and Kim.


One of our focus Team members has been
diligently trying to make contact with
Samaritan’s Purse about their Christmas
Child project. After many emails, she was
connected to their office in Australia who
then sent information about the Binh Chau
church to their office in Saigon. Kim was
then contacted for more information. The
outcome of all this hard work is that the


children at the Binh Chau church will be
receiving Operation Christmas Child boxes
this year. They are so excited about this
blessing. Next year we will ask for additional
boxes to be able to give to some non-Christian
kids in Binh Chau as part of an evangelistic
outreach. We thank God for opening this
door. We thank God for our Jesus in Vietnam
Focus Team and all of you who have such a
love for the children in Binh Chau.


When Elder Nhan went to visit Mr. Sau Cong in Suoi Bang, Brother Nhang asked him to look up his friend there, Mr. Mai Trong. Elder Nhan discovered Mr. Mai Trong was living in the Buddhist temple there. His wife had taken their children and left him for another man. All alone and with no home, Mr. Mai Trong was taken in by the monks to start training him for service. During their visit, Elder Nhan shared the Gospel and invited Mr. Mai Trong to come to the church in Binh Chau. When Elder Nhan gave an altar call after his message, Mr. Mai Trong (man in all white in upper right picture) came forward to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. CAM ON CHUA!

After the service Elder Nhan knew that Mr. Mai Trong would go back to the temple that night in Suoi Bang so he asked him to stay with him in Binh Chau as Elder Nhan was alone (Phouc, Elder Nhan’s wife, had gone to her parents house in Saigon to prepare for the birth of their child later this month). Please pray that God would provide a permanent place for Mr. Mai Trong to stay in Binh Chau. He is well educated and speaks English. Please pray that God might use Mr. Mai Trong to teach the children in the Binh Chau church English.

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