October 2010 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | October 17th, 2010


Study in Evangelism

The picture at the left shows the youth (ages 13-17) studying the Romans’ Road to Salvation. Some of these young people go out on Sunday visitations and others are learning how to fulfill what is written in 1 Peter 3:15 “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

Kim and Lien (picture below), from the Binh Chau church, recently attended a 3 day EE clinic in Saigon, given by Pastor Phan Bien, where they were trained in Children’s EE.

Evangelism Explosion Training

Kim and Lien are now training kids (8-12) from the church on how to share their faith when God gives them the opportunity. We are also exploring the possibility of holding an EE clinic for adults at the Binh Chau church in the future. Please pray that God will open the door for this to take place.


We have mentioned before that around 40% of the children in Binh Chau do no know how to read or write. Either their parents do not have the money to send them to school or the older kids have to stay home and watch their siblings while the parents work. How can these children understand God’s Word if they can’t read? We have been praying that God will open the door for these precious kids to go to school and He has heard our prayers.

“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”
1 John 5:14

Today 6 children who attend the Binh Chau church are being sponsored by members of our Jesus in Vietnam Focus Team and other supporters of our ministry to attend school this year! We give God all the Glory! The cost of sending one of these little children to school for a whole year is $104. If God puts it in your heart to make a life changing impact in the life of one of these dear children by sponsoring them to attend school, please contact us at camonchua@comcast.net or Jesus in Vietnam Ministries, 8821 N. Silver Moon Way, Tucson, Az 85743.

Pastor Khai (picture below) preached at the Binh Chau church one Sunday last month. Afterwards, they had a time of fellowship where Pastor Khai got to know Elder Nhan and the church leadership a little better. Pastor Khai further explained to Elder Nhan the steps he had to take to get ordained as a pastor:

Pastor Khai

(1) graduate Seminary (which Elder Nhan already has), (2) appear before a committee and pass an oral examination of 100 questions, and (3) give a sermon to the committee. Pastor Khai stated again that he would be willing to help Elder Nhan through this process. Also, Mai was able to talk to Pastor Khai for 2 hours via skype where he advised us to start introducing Elder Nhan to Caesar more. We have asked Kim, our representative to Caesar for the church, to follow through with this.

We wish you could see the impact the love of Jesus is having on each of the 4 families whose children are being sponsored to attend school. It’s so encouraging and heartwarming to see God at work in their lives. One family’s whole lifestyle has changed from one of rebellion and no hope to a life full of hope and the Joy of the Lord. God has not only changed their outward life, but He has filled their hearts with His love and joy and a desire to know Him. CAM ON CHUA!!!!

Please pray that God would grant Elder Nhan
wisdom and discernment to oversee the
Binh Chau church.

Please pray that God would strengthen Elder
Nhan to be able to handle his heavy work
load within the church.

Please pray that God will raise up more
laymen in the Binh Chau church to help
Elder Nhan and Kim.

Please pray that God will provide in His
timing a pastor for the Binh Chau church,
whether it would be Elder Nhan or someone

Please pray that God would strengthen Phuc
(Elder Nhan’s wife) in the last month of her
pregnancy of their second child and would
bless them with a healthy child.


For the 2 people (picture below) who prayed
to receive Jesus last month.

We thank God for opening the door for
Pastor Khai to help mentor Elder Nhan.

Praying to Receive Christ

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