November 2011 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | November 14th, 2011

From the very beginning of the church being planted in Binh Chau we have focused our efforts and prayers on the precious children there. God has given us much joy in seeing His work in many of these children’s lives as He draws them closer to Him. However, this year God has given us such a special blessing with the children. God has provided sponsors to see 44 kids enrolled/attending school this year, which is giving the kids the opportunity to tell classmates about Jesus. Some of our kids joined a soccer team at school and invited some non-believers on the team to come to the church to play soccer. Afterwards, Elder Tu invited them to the sanctuary where he shared the Gospel. He gave an altar call and 7 came forward to ask Jesus into their heart. The picture above shows Elder Tu and Mai leading these 7 kids in prayer. We thank God for using all of you (who have prayed/financially supported) to make such a difference in these precious children’s lives for all eternity.
“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it”. Proverbs 22:6

Pastor Tung Hoang (who has a small house church in Ba To 20 miles from Binh Chau) came to Binh Chau last week to see Mai. He told Mai that he had heard many good things about the Binh Chau church: that it was much different from other house churches, that it was well organized, it was able to go out to evangelize, and that God’s hand was on the Binh Chau church. Pastor Tung said his church and many other churches pray for the Binh Chau church as they can see the power of God in the church. Pastor Tung is also in charge of the distribution this year of Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child boxes in that region. He stated he could give the Binh Chau church 60-80 boxes as long as we provided him the names of those who would receive them and we made sure no one who received one last year would get one again this year. We would like to give the Binh Chau church kids (who received an Operation Christmas Child box last year) a gift also this year. Mai/Kim have made up gift boxes ($25 cost if you wish to donate one) based on age/gender (one pictured above center). Pastor Tung also invited our youth (ages 13-20) to go to a 3 day Youth Camp (free of charge) in January. He said he was excited about his youth interacting with our youth to learn how they have grown so quickly in their walk with God and have such boldness in sharing the Gospel.

Each time Mai goes to Vietnam God reveals to her something different for her to do than she originally had planned. This time God has opened the door for the Binh Chau church and Mai to start at weekly Bible study in her sister Hiep’s house in Saigon. Mai is traveling from Binh Chau back to Saigon each week teaching them the Gospel of John (picture above). Carol Brown gave Mai this study earlier in the year and we are in the process of getting it translated into Vietnamese. Last week after the Bible study, God gave Mai a divine appointment with 3 college students attending and they all prayed to ask Jesus into their heart. Elder Nhan and Elder Tu will alternate weeks going to Saigon to teach this Bible study until a person in Saigon can be found to take over. Please join us in prayer that this will lead to a house church being planted in Hiep’s house.

The Binh Chau church leadership, Mai, and several members of the church will be holding a 24 hour fast/prayer vigil from Sunday 6pm to Monday 6pm at the church.

Hien is recovering well and got to go home yesterday. Please continue to pray for God to protect, heal, and comfort Hien. Please pray also that God will provide the remaining $500 to cover the medical costs of Hien’s surgery.

Please pray for Gai Thong and her 2 kids (13, 5 year old boys who have never gone to school). The whole family prayed to receive Jesus during a July EE call, but the husband is very abusive. He is out to sea and the family had absolutely no money/food. The church recently supplied Gai with a 50 lb bag of rice and other food items.

Thao was recently given $25 for her birthday by her school sponsor. Upon showing her mother, Thao was reminded by her mother she needed to tithe 10%. Thao returned to the church and cheerfully did so. Praise God that families are maturing in their walk with Him.

Several years ago one of our nephews turned away from the church and would not allow his wife and 3 small children to attend church. This hurt us deeply as we loved this family, especially the kids (Khanh , 14, Quang 13, and Ngoc 11). Khanh recently asked his father permission to return to the church with his 2 siblings because they loved church and had done nothing wrong. Their father agreed they could go. Mai says they all have such a sweet, gentle, serving spirit. Khanh understands a lot of the Bible. His mother told Mai that even though he was not allowed to go to church, Khanh continued to read/study the Bible on his own the last 4/5 years. Cam On Chua!

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