November 2016 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | November 18th, 2016



We have been praying for God to provide us with someone to play the keyboard for the Binh Chau Church for the last 2 years since Khanh left for a job in Saigon. God has answered our prayers in sending Mai (picture above) this month to serve at the Binh Chau Church. Not only to play, but also to teach some of the youth to play the keyboard and piano (another answered prayer). Plus, Mai has a heart to teach children to sing and develop children’s choirs. She brought her piano and 5 keyboards with her to Binh Chau to teach the children (picture below). Mai is the sister-in-law of Pastor Binh (the pastor who recently was able to put up a cross on his church after 22 years). Mai comes from a strong Christian background with her father, grandfather, and great grandfather all pastors in Vietnam. Mai told us when she heard about our need from her sister for a piano player for our church and our desire to teach the children music, God put it in her heart to get in touch with us. We were able to meet with Mai a few days before we left Vietnam last month. We had an immediate connection with her and knew this was a gift from God. Mai has such a love for children as we do. Mai gave up her job at her brother’s catering service, plus teaching music, to come to serve with the children at the Binh Chau Church. When discussing her pay, Mai said as long as we provided a place for her to sleep and food to eat, she does not need any pay. She told us accepting pay would be like a job and she just wants to serve and share the gifts God has given her with the church and the children. Cam On Chua! (Thank You Lord!).



Preparations for our 2016 Christmas Evangelistic Outreaches are under way. We will hold 2 this year, one on Christmas Eve for non-Christian families and one on Christmas day for our Children’s Church kids and their friends. The children are practicing their “birth of Jesus” play and the different choirs are rehearsing their music. More non-Christians are celebrating Christmas now, but for the wrong reasons. The invitations will go out soon inviting them to the church to hear the real reason we celebrate Christmas, enjoy a fellowship meal afterwards, and their children to receive a Christmas surprise (gift). Please pray God will fill the church (over 300 attended each of the last 3 years) to hear the true meaning of Christmas and He will draw many to accept Jesus into their heart.



Lan is our featured orphanage/love house child this month. Lan was the first child God brought to stay there. Lan has grown up in the Binh Chau Church, attending for the last 8 years. She loves the Lord and has become one of our strongest youth leaders. Lan taught a class at last summer’s VBS, leads worship at Children’s Church, and also helps out in the kitchen. She truly has a servant’s heart. Lan, being the oldest child (just turned 15) in our orphanage/love house, is looked upon by the other 6 children as their older sister. Lan is quick to help them with their homework (picture above) or Bible studies. Lan also has the responsibility of making sure the other kids memorize their daily assigned Bible scriptures. Lan’s humble and loving attitude towards others sets a great example for the other children, in or out of the orphanage. Lan truly exemplifies the impact that Jesus’ love can have on a child. Please pray all the other children at our orphanage/love house will grow up loving Jesus as much as Lan does.



Our house church plant meeting at Mr. and Mrs. Ba Quang’s house in Binh Thang (formerly Suoi Bang) has produced its first fruit as Mr. Ba Quang’s brother, Tri, recently accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior (picture above). Several other members of the Ba Quang’s family is attending church, both at our church plant and the Binh Chau Church.


Please pray God will give Nhinh (see Praise Report below) favor with the brothers and sisters in the Binh Chau Church and all those God allows him to share the Gospel with.

Please pray for 2 more children we have been asked to take into our orphanage. Please pray God will work out all the details and provide sponsors for these 2 children.

Please pray for Hoa Bien (one of our Children Church kids) and her family at the loss of her father, who went home to be with the Lord.


God has opened the door for an evangelist to come serve in the Binh Chau Church. We met him before we left Binh Chau last month and he arrived in Binh Chau 2 weeks ago. His name is Nhinh and he loves to share the Gospel. Nhinh will be in charge of evangelism and assist Pastor Nhan. Please pray God will use Nhinh mightily to help expand His kingdom in Binh Chau.

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you.” 1 Thessalonians 3:9

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