May 2014 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | May 29th, 2014

Long Praying With a Young Boy

When adults go out to share the Gospel they run the risk of drawing the attention of the government. However, the government pays no attention to children. After all, what can they do as they’re only children. We have trained our middle school and high school youth in the Binh Chau church to share their faith with other kids using Evangelism Explosion and pocket size E-Cards. They attend a class each Sunday afternoon, pray for divine appointments, and then go out to share about Jesus. God has blessed us with a group of kids eager to share the love of Jesus. The picture to the left shows Long praying with a young boy. Quang (another of our youth EE kids) brought some of his non-Christian friends to the church to play soccer. Afterwards, Elder Tu had a chance to share the Gospel and one young boy prayed to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Please pray God will use these young evangelists as His instruments to bring many kids to Him and the Binh Chau church where they might grow in their walk with our Lord.

Luom and Family at Bible Study

Several years ago Thanh and his wife, Luom, and his older daughter, Lien, accepted Jesus through the Binh Chau church. Luom, who couldn’t read or write, became a faithful member of the church along with her daughter Lien. However, Thanh struggled with his new- found faith, not wanting to give up the lifestyle of a fisherman of hanging out with his friends and drinking. He slowly drifted away from the church, attending occasionally even as God blessed him with a nice house and a fishing boat to make a living. As Lien grew up she married a non-believer, moved in with her in-laws (Buddhists), and was pressured to stop going to the Christian church. During all this time Luom stayed strong in her walk with the Lord and her younger daughter, Ut, accepted Jesus and became faithful in coming to church with her mom. Luom, who still can’t write, prayed for God to bless her to be able to read His Word, and now she can! Luom goes out on EE calls and is on fire for the Lord. Everyone loves her and can see Jesus in all she does. Last summer during Thursday prayer night Ut sat with us, and with tears streaming down her face, asked us to pray for her father. Ut said she keeps asking her father to come to church with them, but he told her “I can give up my God, but I can’t give up my drinking.” Ut was just brokenhearted. A few weeks ago, Thanh told Luom they needed to get a new engine for their boat as the old one was continually breaking down at sea, leaving him stranded for hours at a time. Luom prayed with her husband that God would show Thanh His love and mercy for him in a way that would draw him back to God and the church. A few days later the fishing boats were coming in due to poor fishing. Thanh stayed out a little longer and God blessed him with a boat full of fish. In fact, his catch was so good that it provided him with enough money to buy his new engine. Thanh told Luom he was giving up his old lifestyle, friends, and drinking, and go back to church. Since then he has been coming to church and Bible study (picture below). Also, their daughter Lien decided to move out of her in-laws house and has been going to church along with her small son, Khoa. To Him be the glory! Please pray that God will give Thanh the strength to endure and stay focused on the Lord. We thank you for your prayers and support for these precious families. God is using you to make such a difference in so many lives all for Jesus.

We now have 133 kids pre-registered for this year’s VBS. A reminder to those of you attending CFC, we will be seeking sponsors on April 27, May 4, and May 11 for these kids. The cost to send a child to VBS is $50. We will also be seeking donations for bikes ($75) to be awarded to kids at VBS who memorize their scriptures. We will leave for Vietnam on May 12 to help finalize VBS plans.


Please pray God will give us favor with all those we deal with in construction of our new building.

Please pray God will grant us wisdom and discernment in many decisions to be made about the new building.

Please pray God will provide the funds to purchase a van for the Binh Chau Church to safely transport children to and from the church and also pick up people from Suoi Bang and Tan Thang for Sunday Worship. Bible Study and Prayer Night.

Please pray God will raise up more people to serve in the Binh Chau Church.

Please pray God will give us wisdom and discernment in planning the upcoming VBS/Evangelistic Outreach and provide the needed funds for it.


We just received news that our first ever Easter Outreach in Tan Thang went great. Thank you Jesus! Despite some late obstacles the enemy threw at us, 50 people heard the Gospel through the story of the Resurrection. We will put out a separate report with all the details.

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Jesus in Vietnam Ministries, is a compassion ministry founded by Dennis and Mai Spencer. Vietnamese families suffer from deprivation, lacking sometimes even the necessities of life. In obedience to the many Scriptural commands to help the poor they are enabling families to survive in difficult circumstances. When shown mercy these families are very receptive to the Gospel. The Spencer’s also focus on children, who are the future church of Jesus Christ in Vietnam. Watch The Video About Jesus In Vietnam Ministries Here



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