June 2014 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | June 16th, 2014


Whenever we come to Vietnam we are very careful to only drink bottled water. We provide bottled drinking water for the church, but they still cook and clean with city or well water (at the church and in homes). Many who can’t afford bottled water will drink the city/well water. This causes many stomach problems for them. Before we came this time, Dennis Peceniak (who has served here 3 times) found some portable, lightweight water filter kits online. We purchased 10 of them with hopes they would provide individuals clean water, but also the church on a larger scale. We installed a couple and they worked great as we have been drinking water produced by the filters for over 2 weeks with no stomach problems. We then tasked our brother-in-law Tam to design a larger system to supply the church needs, especially during VBS. Using 5 of the filters Tam designed a system (picture above). Upon completion it only took 30 hours to fill a 792 gallon tank with clean filtered water from the city water supply. We thank God for giving us Living Water through His Son Jesus and now clean water to live on too.



We mentioned in an update that the Binh Chau area is experiencing a water shortage and the government is predicting it to get worse this summer. We sent a prayer request asking God to provide the funds ($800) to dig a well on the church property. Cam On Chua (Thank you Lord)! Within a few days God provided our need plus more. The company dug one well on Wednesday morning (picture above) and found water 22 meters down. At first the water was very clear, but after running for a while it had a copper taste and smell to it. So the company moved to the far back of the property to start a 2nd attempt. This morning they hit solid rock and had to abandon that site. This afternoon they will start a 3rd attempt. Please pray God will direct them to the right spot to find a fresh, clear water supply for the church.


We also installed one of the water filters in Mr. Ba Quang’s house (picture above) in Suoi Bang where the house church gathers. The filters seem to work well with clear city water, but the real test will come from the water from Mr. Ba Quang’s pond (picture below). Please pray God will provide clean water that taste good without any smell through this water filter system.



VBS has been moved to June 24-26th due to several unforeseen circumstances.

We attended Sunday evening Worship in Suoi Bang and Praise God for the growth of the church there. It was such a blessing to see these precious people, hardworking farmers living in shacks trying to survive day by day, praising the Lord for all He has given them. We have much to share about the Suoi Bang Church, but will do it in a separate report. We can tell you that Mr. Ba Quang and 2 other men from Suoi Bang told us there were several families in Suoi Bang that would like to come to church, but don’t have transportation to get to/from. One young boy (Tu) walks about 3 miles to get to church. They stated if we could purchase 2-3 used motorcycles for the Suoi Bang church that they would be happy to pick these people up for church and discipleship classes. We praise God that some who gave for the well stated we could use any excess for any church needs. We praise God that we will be able to buy 2 used motorcycles ($400 each) for Suoi Bang. God is good! All the time!

The province official who gave us a hard time about staying in the house next to the church came to the church a couple of days ago. He apologized for the misunderstanding. Mai and Elder Nhan shared with him, gave him a Bible and Gospel tract (which he took). The other official called Kim and also apologized to her. We (Mai and I) have been warned 3 times not to teach in the church per their law.

Our brother-in-law Hoa, who drives people around Vietnam, thinks he might be able to find us a good used van to pick up/take home the kids and some adults. He said the van would cost around $20-25,000 (new ones are double that). We received a donation of $10,000 towards a van. Please pray God will direct Hoa to the right van and He will provide the remaining funds to then purchase the van.

Please pray God’s protection will be on the people (and the kids) who currently pick up the kids by motorcycle and give them safe travel with each trip made.

Please pray that the current busy season of planting/harvesting will not keep people away from attending church.

Please pray all 137 kids signed up for VBS will come, grow in their walk with the Lord, and many non-believers will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Upon mutual agreement Elder Tu is no longer working for Jesus in Vietnam Ministries as of June 1st. Please pray God will give us wisdom and discernment in selecting his replacement to serve in God’s work in Binh Chau, Suoi Bang, and Tan Thang.

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