February 2014 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | February 28th, 2014

Youth Leadership for 2014

The newly elected youth leaders (picture above) are:

(1) Minh Anh – President
(2) Truong – Vice-President
(3) Tien – Vice- President
(4) Hoa – Secretary
(5) Thao – Treasurer
(6) Trang – Member
(7) Quyen, Minh Anh, Le – Visitation Team
(8) Quang, Lan – EE leaders

These youths are so excited about being called to serve our Lord by leading AWANA at Children’s Church, training in Youth EE, making home visits, and equipping other youths to follow in their footsteps all for the glory of God. Please pray God will strengthen them, protect them, and use them mightily for His kingdom.

Thao/Mai House Remodel

A few months ago we asked you to pray for a new family in the Binh Chau Church (Thao & Mai & their daughters, Anh & Phuong) who were living in very unhealthy conditions. This family is so humble and immediately showed an eagerness to serve wherever needed. Thao was not able to work much due to arthritis so Mai cooks sweet rice to sell at the market. However, her brick stove sat in the entry into their house, and with no door or window coverings, all the smoke filled the house and blackened the walls, floors, and ceiling. We asked for prayer that God would provide the funds to renovate their house so they would have a safe, secure, and healthy environment to live in. We praise God as He touched the school sponsor of the girls to provide a very generous donation, and combined with other donations, all the repairs were completed recently ($1500). The cost was kept down by church members volunteering to do most of the labor. Thao and Mai are so appreciative and God is using them to witness to others in church and their neighbors how much God has blessed them since they asked Jesus into their heart. God also used this act of mercy for the local government to recognize the Binh Chau Church in a meeting with local church leaders. House church leaders are not invited to these types of meetings, but praise God as Elder Nhan was invited this year. Thank you for your prayers and support that God is using to impact one family at a time all for His glory.


Over the last 3 years church attendance in Binh Chau has dropped significantly during TET (Chinese New Year) as members of the congregation are drawn back to celebrating with non-believing family members this holiday filled with idol/ancestral rituals (such as sending the stove god back to give a good report to the universal god). Through teaching/example, the Binh Chau leadership has demonstrated, that as Christians, we should not observe these, but continue to be obedient to God’s Word. The more mature in the Lord should witness to/encourage the less mature to stay on course and treat this week as any other week. We praise God as the attendance at Sunday Worship this year during TET was 83 (average). We thank God that He has strengthened His children in this important area and made the church stronger.

Elder Tu on a Home Visit

The witnessing and visitation teams are on fire as God has given them many divine appointments to share the Gospel and/or encourage their brothers and sisters in Christ in their walk with the Lord. The youth team goes out each week to share the Gospel and/ or visit kids that haven’t been at Children’s Church the last week or two. One adult team travels to Suoi Bang to team up with Mr. Ba Quang to visit people he has talked to and another team goes to Tan Thang to visit families with Thao and Hang.

Elder Nhan on a Home Visit

Please pray with us that God will work out all the details, including the funds needed, so we can begin construction in 2014 of the new building for additional classrooms and to meet the needs of the many hurting children in Binh Chau who have no family or their family do not have the means to care for them.

Please pray God will provide the funds to purchase a van for the Binh Chau Church to safely transport children to and from the church and also pick up people from Suoi Bang and Tan Thang for Sunday Worship. Bible Study and Prayer Night.

Please pray God’s protection will be the kids at Children’s Church. Please pray for Ngoc (14 years old) who had an accident last Saturday and needed 13-15 stitches in her hand.

Please pray God will raise up more people to serve in the Binh Chau Church.

Please pray God will provide a local missionary to go to Suoi Bang, to establish residency there, and to oversee and lead the house church in Suoi Bang.

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