February 2013 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | March 12th, 2013


We praise God for answering our many prayers over the last few years for the door to be opened for a house church to be planted in Suoi Bang. Through Mr. and Mrs. Ba Quang coming to the Lord (and their family), God has touched their heart to offer their home in Suoi Bang for Sunday night Worship Service. The Binh Chau leadership and several other members of the Binh Chau church traveled to Suoi Bang to attend the last 2 Sunday evenings services. The first service they prayed for the 13 known Christian families living in Suoi Bang to be drawn to the church in His perfect timing. It didn’t take God long to answer their prayer as one of the families (a man and his 2 children) attended the second service. Cam On Chua! Please continue to pray that God will draw many more to His church. This last Sunday an offering was taken (picture above) and 80,000 VN ($4 US) was given. This was such a blessing considering how poor the people in this area are. After the services, they enjoyed a snack together and had a sweet time of fellowship. To Him be the glory for this answered prayer.

God continues to do amazing things through the high school youth in the Binh Chau church. Several of them travel to Saigon each month for 2 days of intense Bible Study with a group called Young Fire. Plus, 15 of them are going to a 3 day Youth Camp in Saigon this month with 5 of the youth leadership staying an additional 2 more days for leadership training. We thank God for all of you who have prayed/contributed for our youth to attend these gatherings with other young Christians in Saigon. The picture above center shows the high school youth class during Saturday Children’s church. God has blessed us with a great group of young men and women who have such hearts to serve the Lord. They are faithful in attending EE training on Sunday afternoons and then going out on visits afterwards. Please pray that God will grant them many divine appointments to share the Gospel. They have been focusing on the hamlet of Teo Neo a couple of miles from the church. They have been going there for a few months now to play with the kids and share their faith. While they do this, Elder Nhan and/or Elder Tu walk the neighborhood praying for the parents. The picture above shows Elder Nhan sharing with some of the Teo Neo kids. This has resulted in 12-15 of the Teo Neo kids attending Saturday Children’s Church over the last few months. Praise God!

The fishing industry for smaller boat operators like Thao in Tan Thang has dried up over the last couple of years forcing Thao and his wife, Hang, to go up into the mountains to work in the potato fields, leaving their 9 children and/or grandchildren home in Tan Thang. The oldest child is 15, but challenged. This leaves the supervision to Trang, their 12 year old daughter. Tan (pictured above), their 10 year old son, is the cook. The children called the Binh Chau church last week saying their parents were not back yet and they had run out of food. Kim, who oversees the church mercy account, realized because of many needs for different families lately, there were only enough funds left to buy the children 2 cases of noodle soup, which she did. Then Kim called Mai to inform her of the situation. When most of these kid’s sponsor here in Tucson heard of their situation, they quickly came forward to meet the needs of this family. The needs are great, but our God is greater! We thank God for each one of you who pray, sponsor, and support these precious families through our ministry (yours/ours). By showing the love of Jesus you are having an impact on these precious families now and for all eternity.
“Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise, in the city of our God, His holy
Please pray that God will open the door and provide the funds for another building to be built on the church property to meet the physical and spiritual needs of so many hurting children.

Please pray that God’s protection will be on Mr. and Mrs. Ba Quang as they open their home to Sunday Worship services.

Please pray for Godly wisdom for Elder Nhan, Elder Tu, Kim, and Lam as they serve Him.
*In addition, several of the youth have taken it upon themselves to serve in the church by cleaning, cooking, and offering their time for different projects. They have formed a praise band and a choir.

*Elder Nhan has started meeting with the middle school class to teach them the meaning and importance of church order with them setting the example for their younger siblings.

*Elder Nhan recently gave the requirements of being a deacon/elder in the church from 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. 5 men attended an informational meeting afterwards. Please pray for these men as Elder Nhan shares deeper with them these qualifications in serving as church officers.

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