December 2009 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | December 1st, 2009


Children’s Church on Saturday night continues to grow with up to 50 kids in attendance. Elder Nhan leads the group in worship, prayer, and Bible study. Then he meets with the older youth for their Bible study afterwards. The older youth leadership continues to go out Sunday afternoons (upper right) to visit friends with the hope of sharing the Gospel. It’s such a joy to see God bringing precious children (left picture) to Jesus through the youth leadership’s obedience to His Word. The older youth have their own choir and one girl has expressed an interest in learning how to play the keyboard for the church. She is now in Saigon for a month to study with Pastor Khai’s son, who is a music teacher. We thank God that he has brought Elder Nhan to Binh Chau. Elder Nhan has brought enthusiasm, organization, and discipline to the youth groups. He has developed a curriculum of solid Bible studies, prayer time, worship, scripture memorization, and evangelism that allows them to reach out to their non-believing friends.


Please pray that God will provide the way for Pastor Chinh to move his family to Binh Chau in the near future.

Pastor Chinh and us plan for the Binh Chau church to evangelize in Bung Rieng and other towns around Binh Chau in 2010. Please pray God will open the door for this to happen.

Please pray that God will provide the remaining funds for the kitchen to be built before the VBS in June 2010.

Please pray that God’s protection will be on the 11 people that were just baptized and He would give each of them a thirst and hunger to know and serve Him.

Please pray that God will open the eyes and hearts of the Province level government officials, who are going to attend the Christmas service at the Binh Chau church, to know Him and the Truth of His Word.

Please pray that God will grant Pastor Chinh and Elder Nhan wisdom and discernment to shepherd the growing church.

Please pray God will raise up laymen to help serve in the church.


“They replied, Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.” Acts 16:31

We had the privilege of sharing the Gospel during the Evangelistic Outreach at the Binh Chau church in October. Six people
came forward afterwards and prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts as their personal Lord and Savior. Two ladies in this group have
since discussed their decisions with their families and asked the church to share the Gospel with their husbands and older children. This resulted in five family members asking Jesus into their hearts (one husband in upper left picture). We thank God for the Truth of His Word.

Reaching out with the love of Christ through home visits and mercy ministry has strengthened the church with seven additional
people praying to receive Jesus over the last three weeks. Also, two families that had drifted away from the church have recently
started to attend again.

The church has many strong members now that will allow Pastor Chinh, Elder Nhan, and others to refocus on home visits to bring the
Good News to those God has elected.


On Sunday, November 29, 2009, the following eleven people were baptized in the Binh Chau church:

(01) Nguyen Van Thanh
(02) Nguyen Van Hoc
(03) Nguyen Thanh Vu
(04) Hoang Binh Dinh
(05) Nguyen Trung Hieu
(06) Pham Thi Tuyet
(07) Le Thi Hong
(08) Tran Thi Be
(09) Nguyen Thi Hieu
(10) Phan Thi Thao
(11) Doan Thi Xuan


Mr. Son prayed to receive Christ a few months ago, but has not been very faithful in attending church. However, his daughter, Be Tu (12 or 13 years old), has been very faithful and loves the Lord. Mr. Son recently took a job as a policeman under Mr. Tu Don and was told by Mr. Tu Don that he or his family could not attend the Christian church as part of his job requirements. Be Tu is heart broken over this. Please pray that God will soften the heart of Mr. Tu Don and open the door for Be Tu to return to the church.

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