March 2010 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | March 11th, 2010



We have encouraged the church to be diligent in their home visitations, both with non-believers and members of the church. The picture on the left shows Elder Nhan and Tien visiting with Giang’s grandfather, Mr. Sang. The man in the green shirt is a friend of Mr. Sang’s, who is of mixed Catholic belief. By divine appointment the man was visiting Mr. Sang when they arrived. The team had an opportunity to share the Gospel with the man. He did not pray to receive Christ at that time, but he did come to church last Sunday.

Through occasions like this God has put it in our hearts to show Pastor Chinh and Elder Nhan the importance of home visitations and to develop a program to visit 2 days a week. The congregation is being asked to visit their non-believing family and friends to set up appointments for the teams to come and witness/share the Gospel. Please pray that God will open many doors for this program to be effective in providing opportunities to share Jesus with non-believers.


We prayed about the situation on the effects of the New Year celebration on the church and God put in our heart to call the Binh


Chau church to work with them to put together a “Woman’s Day” of worship, song, prayer, and fellowship. We felt this was something that needed to be done as soon as possible to strengthen the church before they got in the habit of listening to the negative comments from their relatives. We worked with them on Yahoo talk over the next few days and last Friday they held the first annual “Women’s Day ”. Phuoc, Elder Nhan’s wife, was the guest speaker (Phuoc has 2 years of Bible Theology classes). After Phuoc spoke and they enjoyed a meal together, they went to a campground in the woods (picture above) for more fellowship.

Some of the congregation brought their non-believing friends and the result was a full house at the church. So this event was not only a time of fellowship, but an evangelistic opportunity to witness the love of Christ, which resulted in 3 people praying to accept Christ.


Please pray that God will protect His church
against any negative influence from non-

Please pray that God will give Elder Nhan
favor with Caesar this month and he will
be given permanent residency status in
Binh Chau.

Please pray that God will give Pastor Chinh,
Elder Nhan, and Sister Kim Godly wisdom
in knowing how to lead the church in His
way for His glory.

Please pray for the 4 people who accepted


Christ last month that God’s protection
would be upon them and He would give
them a thirst and hunger to know Him.

An official of Caesar, Mr. Hai, who oversees
one area of Binh Chau, recently informed
the parents, who let their children attend the
Binh Chau Children’s church, not to send
them to church if they were not Christians
themselves. Most of the children who
accepted Jesus last Christmas have stopped
coming to church. Please pray for Mr. Hai
that God will show him His salvation.


We are reminded in Ephesians by Paul that we are constantly in a spiritual battle with the enemy. We have found this just as true in Binh Chau as it is here. Recently people in Vietnam celebrated Chinese New Year. This is a week long event where people return to/gather together with their families. The vast majority of the Binh Chau church accepted the Lord within the last year, meaning this was their first trip “home” as Christians. As they celebrated this worldly holiday, they faced persecution, ridicule, and encouragement to leave their new faith in Jesus. As they returned back to Binh Chau after the New Year the attendance in church dropped and their spirits were down.

After hearing this God put in our heart to encourage the church leadership to go out and visit EVERY member of the congregation to teach them about spiritual warfare and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. God opened the people’s eyes to His Word and now 90% of the members are again attending Sunday Worship. Praise Almighty God who strengthens us through His Word to put on the full armor of God.

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