April 2010 Newsletter

by Dennis & Mai Spencer | April 10th, 2010


Excitement is in the air and the hearts of the children in Binh Chau (believers and non-believers) as word has spread of the 3rd Annual VBS to be held at the Binh Chau church on June 15-17th. God has used the VBS to touch, not only the children’s hearts, but


their parents too. Both already identify VBS with the Christian life style and the love of God it shows to all involved. Parents have been quick to say yes their kids can go (110 signed up so far) and some of them want to attend also. Please rejoice with us to see the favor God has given the church through the witness of the children who have attended VBS the past 2 years to silently work in the hearts of their parents. We thank God, with joyful tears, for all of you who have sponsored these precious children in the past to attend VBS. Because of your prayers and support, people, both young and old, are seeing God at work in changing their lives through the love of Christ.
“From the lips of children and infants, you have ordained praise…” Psalm 8:2a


This week we received an email from Pastor Chinh with a letter attached from the lady pictured below right in the dark blouse. She


has been attending the Binh Chau church for some time, but works for Caesar. Since you can not work for Caesar and be a Christian, we have been warned by the church that she was sent by Caesar to report the happenings of the church. She has been sick for over 2 years with a tumor the size of a tennis ball on her stomach. This has caused her severe pain over this time. Both she and the church have prayed for her healing over the last 2 years. She came to the church and witnessed that God had not only taken the pain away, but the tumor was completely gone. The doctors could find no evidence of it at all. Praise the Lord!

Since the Women Talk meeting last month, attendance at Sunday Worship has been around 100 people, including the children. Plus, another 40-50 kids at Children’s Church on Saturday night. The weekly Bible studies and small group studies are going well. We thank God that His hand is on the church in Binh Chau. We pray that He will give them a thirst and desire to know Him and to reach out to others with the love of Jesus.


Please pray that God will raise up sponsors
for 130 children to attend this year’s VBS.

Please pray for God to prepare the hearts of


the Hebrew children (non-believers) and
their parents to accept Jesus as their Lord and
Savior during this year’s VBS.

Please pray that God’s mighty hand will
protect those children signed up to attend
against sickness and accidents.

Please pray that God will raise up more than
enough adults to serve during the VBS.

Please pray that God will give Elder Nhan
favor with Caesar and he will given
permanent residency in Binh Chau..

Please pray for Elder Nhan that God will
establish the work of His hands in him and
give him favor with the brothers and
sisters in the Binh Chau church.

Please pray that God will grant Pastor Chinh


wisdom in his return to the church in Laos.


We received an email from Pastor Chinh (followed up by a long phone call) that God was calling him back to the church he planted in Laos before he came to Binh Chau. Pastor Chinh received a phone call from some members of the church in Laos saying the church was struggling and down to about 10 people. Pastor Chinh will be leaving shortly to return to help them rebuild. Pastor Chinh will not be at the VBS in June.

However, we (Dennis and Mai) will be leaving the first week of June to help with the VBS and spend a month working with the Binh Chau church. Please pray that God will give us wisdom, grace, humbleness, and discernment in encouraging and mentoring our brothers and sisters in Christ in their walk with the Lord.

Children’s Church continues to grow in attendance as well as the kid’s love for Jesus. Above pictures show a practice of a song for VBS, praying at Children’s church, and the washing of each other’s feet as Jesus did for His disciples.

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